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PMA Client Seeks Restitution for Lost Earmark

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“PMA concealed the fact that the FBI raided its offices and was under investigation,” the complaint says. “Because PMA had been raided by the FBI and was under investigation, it was unable to perform its services.”

Carmen Jacobs, PMA’s lawyer, asserted that Badenoch’s counterclaim is baseless because an earmark cannot be guaranteed by any Congressional official before it is formally granted.

“They can make any allegation they want, but they are out of their minds,” Jacobs said. “You don’t get guarantees from Congress on earmarks.”

Jacobs would not comment on the matter further, but he said PMA filed a response to the countersuit late last week and indicated that PMA wouldn’t be backing down.

“Anyone is allowed to say anything they want in a pleading,” he said. “But then they have to go into court and prove it.”

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