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K Street Discovers a New Star

Considering his tenure as chairman of the Intelligence Committee, lobbyists say they expect him to have a much keener interest in homeland security issues, including the Transportation Security Administration, online bank security issues and dealing with the private industries that run them.

The move to integrate his experience on other committees doesn’t surprise lobbyists who work on Commerce Committee issues.

Kevin Curtin, a former staff director on the Commerce Committee, said Rockefeller has a history of integrating committee work.

“He doesn’t tend to think in silos,” Curtin said. “I think he imports and integrates his information and knowledge in a way that is a hallmark.”

Rockefeller has also moved to re-establish the committee’s subpoena power. He created an investigations division at the full committee level, and subpoenas can now be granted with the approval of the chairman and ranking member.

“The best way to describe Sen. Rockefeller’s chairmanship would be ‘extremely proactive,’” said Jamie Smith, who serves as communications director both to Rockefeller and the Commerce Committee.

“Sen. Rockefeller is going to do everything possible to reboot the economy and help working families — his agenda is focused on giving a strong voice to consumers, and moving commerce, science and transportation securely into the 21st century and beyond,” Smith added.

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