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French Kisses

And further highlighting the Congresswoman’s love of the outdoors, the ceremony and reception will take place on a working farm located south of Tucson, in Giffords’ district. Her prospective groom is Mark Kelly, an astronaut who will command a crew headed for the International Space Station next year. In attendance at the wedding will be Kelly’s crew and his twin brother, who also is an astronaut.

Other notable guests include former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, a mentor and friend of Gifford’s.

Two bands, including a local mariachi ensemble, will serenade the couple and their estimated 300-350 guests.

The dress, HOH is told, is white, not green.

Ships in the Night. In his 1987 novel “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” Tom Wolfe created an unforgettable character called the Rev. Bacon who was loosely based on the real-life Rev. Al Sharpton. So HOH always has kind of wondered whether Wolfe and his muse Sharpton have met.

They almost did on Tuesday night in the Empress Lounge, the lobby bar of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. When an HOH spy entered the bar, Sharpton and three acquaintances were sitting in a corner and remained there for almost two hours, though one of the men in Sharpton’s party kept jumping up to take cell phone calls. Just minutes after the good reverend left, Wolfe, resplendent in a white tux, sauntered in with friends and sat just a few feet from where Sharpton had been.

Wolfe, as it happens, was in the hotel keynoting the Tuesday night gala of American Spectator magazine. A friend of the HOH spy went up to both Sharpton and Wolfe to offer well wishes. Sharpton was indifferent, Wolfe was gracious. Later, another barfly bought a round of drinks for Wolfe’s party — and came away with the author’s autograph.

Madam Glam. Comedy Central funnyman and short-lived presidential candidate Stephen Colbert has finally caught on to what the rest of us in Washington have known for a while: Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a fashion icon. Colbert introduced the California Democrat at Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year” awards Monday night in New York, calling her the most fashionable Speaker in history. Ever the politician, Colbert made sure to give a shout-out to Pelosi’s male predecessors, touting Newt Gingrich’s (R-Ga.) stylish pinstripes and power ties, Tip O’Neill’s (D-Mass.) four-inch eyebrows and matching “earbrows,” and the little-known fact, according to Colbert, that Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) spent time as a plus-size model for Lane Bryant.

“Nothing completes a look like children’s health care legislation,” Colbert quipped of Pelosi’s recent legislative focus. “And I think we all know the fashion moment of the year has got to be Nancy Pelosi marching the SCHIP legislation up to the White House in her veto-me pumps.”

Josh Kurtz and Emily Pierce contributed to this report.

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