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Fry Guy Goes Cold on Jones

The Congressional liaison office for the State Department e-mailed staffers a “Guide to Congressional Passport Requests” the week before the July Fourth recess, ostensibly in response to the many pleas from Hill offices for help with constituents’ complaints of sluggish passport processing. Only trouble was, the original e-mail didn’t include the attachment containing the actual guide. A few minutes later, a second e-mail went out. “This time with attachment,” read the e-mail from Scott Thayer, director of the liaison office. “Sorry.” But again, there was no attachment attached.

Amused aides a while later got a third e-mail — and this time, it finally included the promised attachment. “Ever had one of those days?” Thayer wondered in the final missive. Some staffers were not impressed. “These guys can barely get an e-mail off correctly, let alone process our constituents’ passports,” snarked one senior Democratic aide.

Popped-Collar Ban? While Members of Congress spent the July Fourth recess back in their districts hyping various pieces of legislation, one bill was getting some grass-roots support right here in Washington, D.C. A posting on outlines a bill regulating the behavior of Capitol Hill interns, those pesky but oh-so-useful college kids who crowd our fair city in the summers.

Filled with lots of official-sounding “whereas”-es and an impressive outline format, the bill would require ’terns to “give way to any permanent staffer or local over the age of 25” when standing in any line, clean up after themselves at food establishments, and sit in segregated areas. Vomiting from alcohol consumption would be banned in Metro cars, Capitol Hill office buildings and sidewalks outside bars. The bill would impose a strict dress code, including forbidding the kids from wearing popped collars or their Congressional IDs outside the Capitol campus.

Too bad D.C. is so underrepresented in Congress — HOH has a feeling this one could pick up bipartisan support.

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