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Grist for Mills

Later in the day, a Roll Call reporter caught up with Colbert, who was leaving the White House after another signature-collecting mission. He seemed disappointed that he didn’t get President Bush’s penmanship to add to the collection. “He’s not here,” Colbert said in a lamenting tone, but he proudly showed the reporter Pelosi’s John Hancock.

Suit Yourself. Rep. Gary Miller wants HOH readers to know that he does not, in fact, wear slippers. Or sandals. Doesn’t even own a pair, the California Republican tells us.

HOH reported last week that one of our spies spotted Miller coming to the House floor for a vote last Monday wearing a Hawaiian shirt, linen pants and slippers. Miller called HOH to correct the record: It was a nice, striped Tommy Bahama shirt (a $150 item, he says), black silk pants (they don’t wrinkle) and tasseled loafers (they’re comfortable).

It’s a traveling ensemble that’s relaxed, yet still stylish, he says, even if it wasn’t the dress suit he usually wears while on the job. Miller had arrived directly from the airport, much later than he expected since his early morning flight was canceled, leaving him no time to change.

“I like nice clothes,” he tells HOH, fearing that the report of him wearing casual duds might besmirch his reputation as a guy who knows how to dress for the occasion.

And when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), who was presiding over the chamber at the time, noted that Members should abide by a dress code on the floor that includes jackets and ties for men, Miller insists she wasn’t referring to him, since he darted onto the floor to vote before retreating to the Speaker’s Lobby. She was responding to another improperly dressed Member who lingered on the floor, Miller says, although he couldn’t tell who the culprit was.

In her original report, HOH described Miller’s outfit as one better suited to a “backyard cookout than the House chamber,” and she’s happy to stand corrected. Make that “a very nice backyard cookout,” one that’s more microbrews and T-bones than Budweiser and wieners.

Kerry’s Dog Fight. The ranks of the Anti-Michael Vick Caucus are growing. While the Atlanta Falcons superstar certainly has his hands full with his notorious dog-fighting legal imbroglio, now he’s facing an entirely different beast: Congress.

Proud papa of three miniature schnauzers, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry (D) is calling on his colleagues to stand against Vick and his “Bad Newz Kennel” types by introducing a dog-fighting ban that, if passed, would up the ante against dog-fighters everywhere.

Although it’s a bit of a one-sided fight in Washington, Kerry’s quest against Vick didn’t stop on the Senate floor. Kerry even went so far as to let NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell know, in a phone conversation, that he supports Vick’s NFL suspension.

Gallows Humor. Nothing like a good old-fashioned execution joke to lighten up the mood, that’s what HOH has always said.

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