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Shadegg’s Border Problem

If Rep. John Shadegg (R) is having problems at his district office, he might want to call Rep. Ed Pastor (D-Ariz.). That’s because Shadegg’s office isn’t technically in his own district, Arizona’s 3rd. Instead, it’s in Pastor’s 4th district.

Confused? It’s easy to see why.

Shadegg moved his staff into the office, located on East Bethany Home Road in Phoenix, back in 1997, a spokeswoman says. But a round of redistricting ahead of the 2002 elections

moved the borders of Shadegg’s district, leaving his office about 200 feet on the wrong side of the district line.

The quirk, the result of the often wacky vagaries of district-drawing, had gone relatively unnoticed until HOH started making inquiries. Democrats in Arizona, unsurprisingly, were amused to find out that Shadegg — whom they’re hoping to unseat this year — and his staff don’t work out of their own territory.

“John Shadegg is so out of touch with his district that his office isn’t even in it,” says Emily Bittner, a spokeswoman for the Arizona Democratic Party. “It’s just another sign that his heart really isn’t into representing the people of the 3rd.”

Shadegg in February announced plans to retire at the end of this term, but changed his mind 10 days later.

Shadegg spokeswoman Abby Winter noted that when the Congressman first signed the lease on the office space, it was a part of his district. The office lease was vetted, like all other Congressional offices, by the House Administration Committee, she says.

But it looks like Shadegg might be rethinking his position on border issues — at least when it comes to those of his own district.

“We’re talking to them now about the best course of action,” Winter says.

Proud to Be a Latte-Liberal. “Labor-loving, latte-liberal pantywaist” sounds like a slur right out of a conservative’s political-attack script. But Steve Novick, the Oregon Democrat running against Republican Sen. Gordon Smith, wears the label with a knowing smile.

Novick actually has business cards identifying him just that way. A helpful tipster sent HOH a copy of the card, which looks like your standard issue, except for the tagline identifying Novick as a “labor-loving, latte-liberal pantywaist.” A hammer and sickle icon identified with communism graces the upper left-hand corner, while the symbol for recycling — another liberal cause célèbre — is on the right side. A union symbol decorates the lower left corner.

Turns out the business cards were a gag gift from one of Novick’s pals, Chris Warner, now an aide to Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski. The tagline borrows from a 1999 Oregonian feature story that actually praised Novick, who was then the head of a nonprofit, for opposing a rival’s tax proposal that the newspaper said would have cut the state’s budget by 15 percent. The headline of the story, which became an inside joke among Novick’s friends, read “Labor-loving, Latte-Liberal Pantywaist Cries Wolf.”

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