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Panel Hits Hastert, Staff

“As I testified before the committee, I did not review a copy of the communication Congressman Foley sent the college student and I never knew whether or not it was sexually explicit. The simple fact that Foley had made the student feel uncomfortable was enough for me to take action by, among other things, notifying the Clerk of the House.

“[Hastings] today said that ‘doing the right thing is the only acceptable option.’ I agree, and that is precisely what I did in response to the information provided to me and to those on my staff.”

But one Republican insider, speaking on the condition of anonymity, described the committee report as a “shrewd political document” that went after Hastert, Kolbe, Palmer and Van Der Meid, all of whom are leaving or are expected to leave the House soon.

“They [the committee] kicked people who don’t care anymore,” said the GOP source, who has close ties to Hastert’s office. “Hastert doesn’t care, and the other guys don’t care either. They’re just happy that the whole thing is over and they can leave now. This doesn’t hurt them at all.”

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