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Pajama Party ... or Not.

We had a number of reports Friday that Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.) was wandering the halls of Senate office buildings in his jammies.

Two staffers said they saw the Senator wearing tartan or buffalo plaid pajama bottoms and a loose-fitting shirt. By the end of the day, one informant called to say she heard Domenici was walking around in his boxers. But by that point, we already had spoken to the Senator, who assured us, These arent pajamas! Theyre hunting pants!

What are people talking about walking the halls? I work! the 74-year-old Domenici said, sounding a tad indignant that folks would assume his lightweight wool plaid pants were pajamas. These pants have two pockets like any else.

He explained he wears the hunting pants around the house and if he leaves to go to the office, I dont necessarily take them off.

Theyre comfy, and theyre fun, he said. People stop me to talk about them. Theyre Christmasy, theyre black and white.

As for the loose-fitting shirt that our sources saw him wearing that was a University of New Mexico golf shirt, you numb skulls!

A source close to Domenici who went up to check out the scene for himself confirmed that Domenici was not wearing PJs. This is not a dedicated follower of fashion, the source explained. Hes more substance than style.

Indeed, Domenici told HOH he was in his office reading up on the budget in anticipation of passing a continuing resolution next week when Senators return to wrap up this session of Congress.

I love being a Senator. Thirty-four years is a pretty long time. Im still going to run again, and win again, Domenici, whos up in 2008, vowed.

Party On. Everybody knows how Democratic bigwig Terry McAuliffe just loves a good party, especially one involving his good friends the Clintons, who are throwing separate shindiggs to celebrate the former Democratic National Committee chairmans soon-to-be-published book What a Party! My Life Among Democrats: Presidents, Candidates, Donors, Activists, Alligators and Other Wild Animals.

For her part, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is planning to host a huge bash for McAuliffe in February at the newly re-opened Park Hyatt at 24th and M streets Northwest. She even wrote a blurb for McAuliffes book, which is due in book stores on Jan. 23.

Ive often said Terrys energy could light up a city, and readers of this book will know why. Terrys excitement for politics and life is evident on every page, Clinton wrote, according to an advance copy of her blurb obtained by HOH.

The other Clinton (the former president) is planning to throw a party for close friend Mac on Jan. 22 in Manhattan at an as-yet-to-be-disclosed location. It will be somewhere in New York City, a source said.

The parties will coincide with a six-week book tour through 40 cities.

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