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Casey: A One-Brow Show

Ah, that most wonderful time of the election season, when political operatives go snooping for anything that might embarrass the enemy. Even unruly eyebrows.

In this case, the enemy is Democratic Senate candidate Bob Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, who stands accused of trying to cover up the startling fact that he has not two, but one, eyebrow.

We had not noticed Caseys unibrow until someone brought it to our attention that the Casey campaign, in a video on the candidates official Web site, apparently doctored an old photo of Casey to make it look as if he had normal eyebrows.

Caseys Web site currently features a video interview with Arkecia Morris, a fifth-grade student of Caseys when he was a teacher back in the day at the Gesu School in North Philadelphia. The former student remembers Casey as a gentle giant and talks about what a wonderful, inspirational teacher he was.

As she talks, a photo of Casey as a young buck pops on the screen. The 20-something teacher is wearing a button-down shirt and tie, smiling from ear to ear, with a full head of thick brown hair and two dark bushy eyebrows. Wait a second: TWO bushy eyebrows?

Thanks to an informant who has been closely tracking Caseys eyebrow grooming, or lack thereof, we found out that the doctored photo appears elsewhere on Caseys Web site undoctored. Yes, in other words, Casey has one eyebrow in a copy of the exact photograph, which appears under family photos on the Casey site.

The Casey campaign fessed up to the fact that the photo used in the campaign video appears to have been altered somehow. But how and by whom, Casey campaign spokesman Larry Smar wouldnt say.

You probably couldnt attribute the change to the black-and-white photo, he acknowledged. I think well let people be the judge. If it were, I think the question is, Why not?

Or, as we asked: Why isnt Casey getting his eyebrows waxed on a regular basis, so his media consultants dont have to Photoshop-out his unibrow? (Its not as painful as it looks, Bob, really. Please, for crying out loud try it!)

Well, Smar replied, I think weve hit upon the next great debate: to pluck or to wax.

Virginia Davis, a spokeswoman for Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), wouldnt comment on whether her boss would be interested in debating the topic with Casey. Of the Democratic candidates apparent attempt to hide his unibrow, she said, Bob Casey has a reputation for trying to be all things to all people, but who could have predicted hed go this far?

If Casey chooses not to wax and is successful in his bid to unseat Santorum, would he be the only sitting Senator with a unibrow?

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