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As Pages, Lawmakers Mixed Politics and Pranks

Even so, Cooper says he was inspired to come to D.C. as a college student to protest then-President Nixon’s firing of Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox during the “Saturday Night Massacre” of October 1973 because “I knew the city, I knew things like that were done.”

Many of these Members say their time as a page gave them a soft spot for the young people who fill these roles today.

Wicker, for instance, makes a habit of bringing orange slices for the Cloakroom pages to munch on. Each year Kolbe donates dinner “at my house for four pages” to an auction that raises money for the annual House page spring formal. He also takes House pages on a Dome tour and participates in photo-ops.

Dodd, who spent the summer of “1961 or 1962” serving as a Senate page, also makes room in his schedule to meet with pages — although he playfully concedes that some of today’s pages may view his chats as a literal encounter with history.

“I always tell them when I was a page Thomas Jefferson was president,” he laughs. “They look at me for a second and it’s almost as if [to say], ‘Gee, is that true?’”

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