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Going for the Bottomless Base?

It looks like the Democratic Party’s strategy for winning power involves a return to the days of Camelot. But not that Camelot.

Two Democratic National Committee recruiters with clipboards, both young women, stood outside the entrance to Camelot, the strip club on M Street Northwest, during lunchtime Tuesday.

One of them said to a man who claimed to only be passing by, “Do you want to help us take over Congress?” She clearly hadn’t pegged the passerby for a Republican.

“Not so much,” the man, a former House GOP aide, said he told her, “since my political hero is Tom DeLay.”

The former aide, now living a little higher on the hog in the private sector, assured us that he was going to the Signature Cigar Store, which happens to be a few doors down from Camelot. He said he was a little surprised to see DNC workers outside a strip club, joking, “It could be that Howard Dean told his minions to find the areas of the city that Bill Clinton had the highest approval ratings.”

Other Republicans had just as good a time with the discovery.

One Republican operative whose office is in the neighborhood drove around the block a few times to snap photos of one young woman wearing a blue DNC T-shirt and jeans who was standing in front of Camelot with a clipboard. The pictures showed up on the Web log Wizbangblog.com.

A current House GOP aide who e-mailed the grainy photos to HOH attached a note saying, “I guess Republican economic policies have been so effective that Howard Dean has to spend time and money at strip clubs locking down the Democrat base voters of the mafia, trial-lawyers and the lonely.”

Democratic Party officials weren’t so amused. DNC spokesman Mark Paustenbach said in an e-mail, “I can confirm that we had canvassers today downtown on M Street. All best, Mark.”

Harold Ford’s Ex Inspires. In case your July issue of Cosmopolitan was lost in the mail, we’re here to fill you in. The issue includes an article by Julia Allison, formerly known as Julia Baugher, who writes an inspirational piece for gals about her days dating an influential Congressman, who apparently is Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.).

Baugher (her real last name) is a former aide to Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) who (using the pen name Allison, her real middle name) is now a dating columnist and freelance writer in New York City.

In her Cosmo article, she writes that as a government major at Georgetown University she tracked the “rarest of species in our nation’s capital — the young, unmarried, good-looking politician. I only found one.”

She never names him, but it’s clear it’s Ford. And a source close to the author confirmed that the subject of Allison’s piece is indeed the Tennessee Democratic Congressman and current Senate candidate (who, incidentally, has never acknowledged dating Baugher).

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