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CBC, Pelosi in Truce?

Pelosi simply might be waiting for Jeffersonís fellow members to pressure him to quit. An indictment also would change the equation, freeing Pelosi to dump Jefferson with little to no interference from her fellow Democrats.

Watt and other CBC leaders are content to have Pelosi merely talk about the Jefferson matter as long as she doesnít take pre-emptive action against the Louisianan. If Pelosi does take further steps before an indictment, CBC sources say, a loud and unified outcry from the CBC will ensue.

But there are suggestions from Pelosiís side that not everyone in the CBC may agree with the groupís stance ó something Pelosi carefully took stock of before sending her letter last week. They noted the consistent refusal of Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.), a CBC member and the Caucusí chairman, to express an opinion on the subject.

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