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Tally Ho, Congress

If you havenít seen Euan Blair around campus lately itís because his internship with Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) came to a mysteriously abrupt halt.

Blair, the eldest son of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was supposed to fulfill a two-and-a-half month stint in Harmanís office after interning for the same amount of time on the House Rules Committee for Chairman David Dreier (R-Calif.).

But after serving in Harmanís office for only about two weeks, Blair left. Sources contend that itís because the 22-year-old lad was a wee bit on the spoiled side. One source says Blair, who already had been accepted to graduate school at an Ivy League university this fall, seemed ďboredĒ and uninterested in doing the work of other interns. A source who knew of Blairís short tenure in Harmanís office said, ďHe was a dilettante.Ē

Harmanís office declined to comment on whether Blair quit or was asked to leave.

ďWe do not comment on personnel issues,Ē spokesman Tom Reynolds told HOH.

Blair has been spotted on several occasions getting lagered up with other lads and lasses after work. But that, of course, is normal for Capitol Hill interns.

Oddly enough, it was Republicans who worked with Blair on the Rules Committee who defended the Labor prime ministerís son.

They found assertions that Blair was a spoiled brat to be a bunch of bollocks. And they found it ironic that Blair appears to have ended up having a better experience with the Republicans than the Labor Partyís natural brethren, the Democrats.

Jo Maney, a spokeswoman for Dreier, wouldnít directly respond to charges that Blair was spoiled or a dilettante. She said she could speak only about his experience on the Rules Committee, where he finished the full term of his internship.

ďHe was a good intern,Ē Maney told HOH. ďHe did everything asked of him. We enjoyed having him and I think he enjoyed his experience with us.Ē

A Congressional source said Blair is back home in Britain for the summer. But heíll be coming back across the pond this fall to attend graduate school at Yale University .

The British Embassy, which arranged Blairís internship on Capitol Hill, is keeping mum, just as the Queen prefers.

ďEuan Blairís internship is a private matter for Euan Blair and his employers,Ē said Steve Atkins, an embassy spokesman.

Women of Steele. What was Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) doing at a fundraiser for Republican Michael Steele, who is running for the other Maryland Senate seat being vacated by retiring Paul Sarbanes (D)?

The fundraiser for Steele, Marylandís lieutenant governor, was hosted by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.) at the Monocle on Tuesday evening. It included the usual suspects ó Republicans ó until Mikulski walked in with another unlikely Steele for Senate booster, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

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