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TwinGate SpinGate Update

She said she “hoped” she was wrong, because she saw no Secret Service agents. “When the mayor works out in the morning,” she noted, “he stands out like a sore thumb” because his security people wear “trench coats.” The Bush twins’ Secret Service detail, by contrast, must have blended right in with the rest of the sweating cyclists.

She said Jenna and Barbara did not seem visibly upset when they left the class. “Those kids are so well trained, they were just stone faced,” she said. “They didn’t say anything.”

Another regular in the spin class who knows Makl and who asked not to be identified said the funniest thing about the incident is that Makl is a former federal prosecutor and card-carrying Republican who boasts that he voted twice for “W” and twice for Daddy Bush, the former president.

Makl had an unlisted telephone number, and the club declined to comment on the incident. But a source familiar with SpinGate said the club apologized profusely to Hager, the boyfriend, though not directly to the Bush twins as far as we know. So it remains to be seen whether Jenna and Barbara will keep their memberships at Sports Club/LA, which they got only recently, after much lobbying by the club.

New Ford On the Block. Tennessee House Democratic candidate Joe Ford Jr. has a unique campaign headquarters: a site on MySpace.com, the hot friend-and-information swapping Web site. Other than on MySpace, you’ll have a tough time reaching Ford, who is trying to keep the seat being vacated by his cousin, Rep. Harold Ford Jr. (D-Tenn.), in the family now that Harold Ford is running for the Senate.

Ford, the House candidate, is keeping his campaign real, if virtual, in the blogosphere. His MySpace site welcomes visitors with the rap song “Lovin’ it” by Little Brother (with lyrics that include “the N word”). He says he wants children “someday” and lists his occupation as “attorney/motion picture producer.” He offers “Congrats to Three 6 Mafia for winning the Oscar!” and lists among a litany of his favorite music: Goodie Mob, Project Pat, Gangstarr, Little Brother, Pete Rock, KRS-1, OutKast, 2Pac, Slum Village, Playa Fly and Lil Wayne.

Ford lists his heroes as “God. My mom, my dad. My grandparents. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Jesse Ventura, Bill Clinton, Nikoli Tesla, Frederick Douglass, Tupac Shakur. Anyone who has been a positive influence to his/her community.”

His MySpace Web log includes several articles questioning whether a plane hit the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. His site shows he currently has 605 friends, including LeBron James, and 22 comments. No phone number can be found for his campaign, either on his site or through the Tennessee Democratic Party, the Shelby County Board of Elections or Tennessee State Board of Elections.

A Google search shows that a Joe Ford Jr. for Congress site does exist, but it’s not really Ford’s. That site is maintained by one of Ford’s opponents, Tom Guleff, in the overly crowded Democratic primary field.

Ford lists his younger brother Justin as his campaign manager. Justin is an upperclassman at the University of Memphis and is about to complete a funeral director apprenticeship, according to the site.

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