April 25, 2015

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Street Talk: The Curious Cases of Vanishing Lobbyists

Edward Newberry, a partner in Patton Boggs’ public policy and lobbying division, had an enviable book of business in 2011, based on his federal disclosure reports.

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Street Talk: K Street Hiring Chill Leaves Members Cold

It’s not as if they’re setting up outside of Union Station with “Will Work for Food” signs, but the cadre of ex-members from the 112th Congress is finding a lukewarm hiring market downtown.

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Home Sweet K Street

The business of lobbying thrives on face time and the subtleties of in-person contact. Lobbyists pay good money to get into a fundraiser for a quick chat with a lawmaker. And meetings in a congressional office, well, those are close to priceless.

Street Talk: Unregistered Lobbyists Keep Business Humming

K Street business has hit the skids.

Street Talk: 'Tax Chicks' Brought Equity to K Street

Thirty years ago, a female tax lobbyist — a rarity in those days — infiltrated an informal Washington meeting of her male peers.

Street Talk: Caviar Out at Ethically Kosher Hill Events

Should you catch a whiff of caviar, gentle reader, you had better bolt for the exit. And beware of forks and chairs. If a member of Congress or Hill staffer can’t eat it with a toothpick while standing up, they’d best go home.