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Adelson Starts Moving 2014 Political Contributions

An American casino and resort operating company run by a major national Republican donor has contributed $200,000 to a Republican Section 527 Committee that supports state and local candidates.

Largest Lobbying Organization Spends $312K for U.S. Senate Leader

The organization that spends the most on lobbying Congress and the federal government, has reported spending $312,000 on behalf of the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate, far more than the $10,000 their PAC could give in campaign contributions.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Goes $2.5 Million Up on Republicans

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported raising $6.6 million during January and now has a $2.5 million advantage over the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Obama-Related Debts Weigh Down DNC, While Congressional Democrats Thrive

The two major national party political committees have filed campaign finance reports covering January activity that highlight the persistent debt at the DNC and the $10 million advantage of the RNC. The DNC Services Corp./Democratic National Committee (DNC) reported it had receipts of $6,649,918 and disbursements of $5,602,134 during January, leaving $5,747,152 cash on hand at the end of January, with $15,906,136 in debts. …

Hensarling Gives $1 Million to NRCC

A House committee chairman has given a million dollar boost to the Republicanís congressional campaign committee as it starts into the 2014 election year.

Hot Topics Bring Contributions to Capitol Hill

When issues become hot topics for legislation or oversight by members of Congress, campaign contributions tend to flow to Capitol Hill.

TransCanada Pumps Ads Into Washington, D.C. Area

The company that is trying to win support for a major pipeline through several mid-western states has contracted with more ads to be seen by Washington, D.C. area policy makers.

Alan Grayson Doesn't Go For The Gold

While some are seeking the gold at the Winter Olympics, one Congressman is selling gold and other investments.

Firewalls Crumble at Federal Election Commission

After the Federal Election Commission was hit by computer hackers last year, the agency is now permitting another firewall to crumble between candidates and Super PAC activity.

DeVos Family Funds Super PAC

Members of the DeVos family, who are major financial supporters of conservative causes, have pumped a half million dollars into a Republican-oriented Super PAC on the last day of January.

Comcast Time Warner Cable Merger Could Reduce DC Lobbying

The one big area where both the efforts of Comcast and Time Warner Cable Inc.. overlap is in the Washington, D.C. area zip codes where they spend heavily on lobbying and political advertising.

Are Super PAC Donors About to Awake?

Near the village, the peaceful village, the lion sleeps tonight. The Wimoweh lyrics held true for some presidential super PAC donors in 2013, but as the 2016 presidential hopefuls start to shake hands of major donors around the country, things may change.

Super PACs Have $63 Million Ready To Spend

Super PACs, who may accept unlimited size donations, have $63 million in cash ready to spend on independent expenditures in the 2014 federal elections.

House CODELs Cover the Globe

Members of Congress regularly travel to other countries for fact-finding and educational purposes, with the taxpayers covering the costs for the worldwide travel.

Congressional Republicans & Democratic Super PAC Ads Flow in Florida Special Election

Congressional Republicans and a Democratic Super PAC are running competing ads in the Florida special election.

Top Dollars Go To Health Care Lobbying

Although federal lobbying expenditures increased in the fourth quarter of 2013, it was not enough to make the full year total as high as 2012. The full year 2013 lobbying expenditures were $3.25 billion, down from $3.34 billion in 2012.

Tip Sheets on Money in 2014 Hot Senate and House Races

Two new charts provide quick references to the fundraising, spending and cash on hand for hot races in 2014.

DC Lawyers & Lobbyists Already Welcomed Montana's John Walsh

Baucus - Leaving His Millions Behind?

A U.S. Senator, who will be leaving soon to take up duties in China as the U.S. Ambassador, currently has over $3.2 million in his campaign and leadership PAC funds.

National Party Committees Raise $371 Million, Repay $49 Million in Loans

The six major national party campaign committees reported receipts of $371 million during 2013, helping them repay $49 million in loans incurred during the 2012 campaigns.




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