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Big Donors Add to War Chests of Super PACs

Individuals and organizations are continuing to add more funds to Super PACs for use on independent expenditures in the 2014 elections.

Before Going Overseas, Baucus Gave Away Some of His Campaign Funds

Days before becoming the new U.S. Ambassador to China, a U.S. Senator gave away almost half a million dollars from his political fund.

Google Inc. NetPAC Has Record Giving Month

The political action committee of a major Internet services and products company has increased its political contributions to a new high.

Senior Executives in Koch Industries and Subsidiaries Fuel PAC

Corporate executives of Koch Industries and forty-one subsidiaries contributed over a quarter of a million dollars to its PAC during February, surprisingly none were named Koch.

Club for Growth Action Gets $1 Million Donation

A conservative Super PAC has reported receiving a million donation from an investor.

No Slow Down in PAC Money to Congress During Snow and Recess

Although the snowy weather and recess slowed down legislative action during February, PAC money kept moving, led by the National Association of Realtors PAC, which gave over half a million dollars to federal candidates and committees. Political action committees (PACs) of companies, unions, trade associations and other interest groups are reporting their financial activity for February on Thursday. Early filings indicate that some gave out more than $100,000 during February to federal candidates and committees.…

GM PAC Keeps On Giving Before Congressional Hearings

The political action committee of a major auto maker continues to make contributions to members of Congress, at the same time they are facing Congressional hearings next month on the companyís recalls of vehicles for safety issues.

Scott Brown Uses PAC to Highlight Key Issue

A former U.S. Senator has chosen to highlight an issue that may be a central point of a possible campaign to return to Congress, this time from another state.

Former Rep. Edolphus Towns Driven To Personal Use of Campaign Funds

A former U.S. Representative has agreed to pay a civil penalty for personal use of campaign funds.

Congress Gets Away With Free Foreign Trips (Updated)

Some members of Congress didnít stick around Washington during the cold month of February, but they found better places to be on free trips to foreign lands.

Corporations Can Expect To Pay More For Conventions

Congress has taken steps to remove public funds from partially paying for national party conventions, but corporations, unions, and individuals will soon be on the hook for making up the difference.

FEC Offers Seminar for Corporations and their PACs

The Federal Election Commission is offering a Washington, D.C. seminar in April for treasurers and staff of corporations and their PACs whose responsibilities include compliance with federal campaign finance laws.

Steel Workers Support One of Their Own

Rep. Mike Michaud The Super PAC of the United Steel Workers is moving hundreds of thousands of dollars to strengthen the state party working to elect a former steelworker as Governor. The Super PAC of the United Steelworkers, USW Works, reported it gave $300,000 to the Maine Democratic Party during February. The union has endorsed Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, to run against Gov. Paul LePage, R-Maine, in the November 2014 election. Before coming to Congress…

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Financial Industry Warily Looks to Tea Party Conservatives for Tax Support

With Democrats and Republicans offering proposals to hit the financial sector with new taxes or fees, financial executives and lobbyists say they are re-evaluating how they will direct their political cash this election cycle and where they will seek allies on and off Capitol Hill.

D.C. Businessman Pleads Guilty to Providing $3.3 Million to Campaigns

A Washington, D.C. businessman pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate federal and D.C. campaign finance laws.

Illegal Campaign Contributions By Lawyer at Florida Law Firm

A lawyer at a former Fort Lauderdale law firm has been charged in a scheme to make illegal campaign contributions in the names of others.

Last-Minute Donors Help Jolly, But Not Much

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Brings on Livingston Group

Now that Rupert Murdoch has split off the entertainment properties to 21st Century Fox, the remaining News Corp publishing company has started to bring on board new lobbyists under the guidance of Toni Cook Bush.

DCCC Spends $570K More on Ads Opposing Jolly

National party committees and super PACs continue to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of independent expenditure ads in the last week before the Florida Special Election on March 11th.

Honda Posts Policy on Political Activities

A major international automobile maker has joined a growing list of companies that have established disclosure measures to make transparent the companyís political activities policy and any political activities in which it participates.




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