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Naked Shorts Win Intra-SEC Battle

Civil war has descended upon the Securities and Exchange Commission! Well, sort of.

No Happy Ending for Brockschmidt, Whiskey Caucus

Sometimes, pure adrenaline can lift an average team over a far superior one óparticularly at the end of the season. But most of the time, not even an emotional high can make up for pure talent on the diamond.

Victorious Secret's Secret Is in the Defense

Across from the Smithsonian Castle tonight, Jason Covey of Victorious Secret (11-9) channeled his inner Babe Ruth against Swift Justice (0-11). Standing at home plate chomping on a cigar, his team already leading 11-2, Covey slammed the ball into the outfield, rounding the bases and coming back home with his cigar still lit.

One Hitters Edge Booze, Win or Lose in Top-10 Battle

Pot-smoking athletes, when caught, insist that marijuana isnít a performance-enhancing drug ó a point that is rarely challenged, even by opponents. Whether that translates in the Congressional Softball League is less clear.

What Exit? Comes Out on Top in Home-Run Fest

It was raining home runs on the National Mall on Tuesday night as What Exit? slugged its way past the Big Lebowskis by a score of 22-16.

Late-Inning Surge Powers Transport This to Victory

Shaking off an early deficit, Transport This relied on some late-inning heroics to defeat Bloomberg Government 10-7 in Congressional Softball League action Monday night.

Big Sixth Lifts FEC Over Mixed Nuts

Campaign finance laws may or may not need reform, but the Federal Election Commission’s hitting definitely doesn’t.

No Member or Office? No Problem for Softballers

Every two years, an unlucky few lawmakers clean out their offices and say goodbye to Capitol Hill. Their staffers are left searching for new positions ó some follow their bosses to new campaigns, cross over into the private sector, stroll down to K Street or go to work for other candidates.

Alphabet Soup Edges Yellow Journalists in Marquee Matchup

One of the perks of a league in which the commissioner plays is that it makes it remarkably easy to stick it to the Man.

Rookie Team's Luck Runs Out Against Veteran Opponent

Team Dump Truck, a first-year Congressional Softball League team loaded with University of Florida alumni, had an impressive record before Tuesday night’s game, sitting at 6-2 and ranked 18th in the league.

Below .500 Teams Face Off With Eye Toward Post-Season

In the Congressional Softball League , even if you’re down, you’re far from out.

Capitol Punishment Destroys Colorado Cutthroats

It ainít over till itís over. But sometimes itís over earlier than expected.

League Searches for Answer to Cancellations

It took years for Major League Baseball to accept the use of instant replay. And it’s still arguing about it. The House Softball League dealt with a similarly sweeping policy change over the issue of cancellations and forfeits. And it’s still arguing about it.

SEC Dominates Battle of Regulators

Letís hope the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. protects our finances better than it does the outfield.

Cap City Flyers Use Defensive Prowess in Victory

In a low-scoring game on Tuesday night, the Cap City Flyers chose stingy defense over hard slugging offense as their weapon of choice in defeating the Big Lebowskis 7-4.

All Vols Win Heated Rematch Against La Flama Blanca

It was a testy affair Tuesday night, as the All Vols eked out a 13-12 victory in the bottom of the seventh inning over La Flama Blanca.

VP Candidates' Team Pulls Out Big Win

Holy vice presidential candidates, Batman!

What’s in a Name? For Hill Softballers, Identity

Settling on a name is a weighty proposition for teams in the House, Senate and Congressional softball leagues. Thatís why outside-the-box thinking is the norm rather than the exception. With one collective decision, the string of words will either cloak them in celebrity, provoke fear in opponents or make the masses laugh.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

A nasty thunderstorm passed through Georgetown this evening ó presumably on its way to the National Malló just before your correspondent was about to leave for the nightís games.

Regulators Ride Pitcher's Arm to Victory

The Regulators didn’t let a gem of a pitching performance by veteran John Cymbalsky go to waste tonight, besting the DCI Magic, 18-1.




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