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DCanter Uncorks Concierge Service

DCanter wine shop wants to make enjoying a relaxing bottle (or 12) so easy, staff will do everything — short of strolling into your kitchen and topping off a balloon goblet — to speed the process along via a new custom-ordering program.

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Digging In to the Kentucky Hot Brown

Thank you, Chris Pogue (wherever you may now be), for dispatching this food sleuth on one of the most delectable assignments to date.

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Art and Soul Toques Revere Shared Past, Anticipate Promising Futures

There’ll be a changing of the culinary guard in the Art and Soul kitchen at the end of this month, as Wes Morton hands control of the thriving Hillside dining operation to incoming Executive Chef Doug Alexander.

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Man Bites Dogs -- A Case for D.C.'s Meats

The sea of flag-waving tourists flooding the National Mall has (thankfully) receded. And the cacophony of thunderous pyrotechnics that traumatized skittish pets for miles around is fast becoming a distant memory.

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Luke's Butters Up Union Station Diners

Summering in New England has never been easier.

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Play, Y'all! Best Food And Drink Bets for Baseball Fans

No need to check your WeatherBug app: Summer is in full swing.

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Hill Center Fires Up Deal With Bayou Bakery

Capitol Hill denizens who prefer chicory-spiked coffee to Starbucks, fried-to-order beignets to gourmet cupcakes and seafood-filled po’ boys to, well, anything else, will want to get to know their new neighbor, David Guas, real well.

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Tap Into Something Special With Barrel

Flipping a dive bar into something more respectable can be inherently risky. (See: Hawk ‘n’ Dove.)

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Not Quite Dipped in Amber, the Monocle Drips Nostalgia

“I know the three of us are very important people ...” a 20-something Hill climber (unironically?) said to his dining companions as the trio emerged from what must have been an ego-boosting repast at the historical center of the Capitol Hill dining-verse, the fabled Monocle at 107 D St. NE.

Food Historian Savors Washington's Culinary Heritage

Amanda Moniz is thrilled whenever the opportunity arises to showcase her twin loves: baking and history. And she’s been delighted to discover, via the experimental courses she’s developed in conjunction with Hill Center, that others hunger to do so as well.

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The Partisan Brings Meat Lovers Together

“You’ve got some straight food porn right there,” a nosy neighbor said as she shamelessly leaned over to take the full measure of the parade of mouth-watering proteins being escorted to our rapidly shrinking table.

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Nebraskans Know There's No Substitute for Runza | Noshtalgia

There’s nothing worse than disappointing a good friend.

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Bearnaise Evolves With the Neighborhood

Back when he was the driving force behind only two budding hospitality concepts, Capitol Hill restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn looked around his slice of Southeast D.C. and figured the place could use some razzle-dazzle.

Star and Shamrock Stirs Things Up

“That’s moonshine in there! Perhaps I better be careful with that one,” said a suddenly wide-awake patron, shattering the silence of a relatively sleepy afternoon of imbibing after taking his first sip of a corn whiskey-infused cider beverage dreamt up by the beer-loving brain trust behind Star and Shamrock.

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Ris Lacoste Redefines Fast Food at Newest Venture | Food Court

Some local toques start small while dreaming big, tirelessly working their way from modest venture to name brand via fits and starts of epicurean inspiration.

The Whiskey Boom

Although its family of painstakingly renovated restaurants technically fit the definition of a chain, each Rí Rá property is custom-tailored to the community the lively pub is to serve.

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Where to Dine in 2014

The calendar just recently turned, but already a new crop of restaurants has started to spring up.

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DMV-Q: Smoking Out Worthwhile Barbecue

The holidays are as good a time as any to reward oneself with a plate of smoky, delicious barbecue.

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Battle of the Juicy Lucys

This column typically functions by having you, my devoted readers, send me out in search of that which your taste buds simply can’t live without, but today I’m taking the initiative.

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A December Eating Guide

Got a firm ho-ho-hold on your holiday dining plans for the remainder of the year?




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