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Hill Life Archive

Back Without Baggage | Capitol Quip

Congratulations to our latest winner, and thanks to the readers who contributed captions to our Capitol Quip contest.

Suspect Shot by Union Station Security Guard Dies

Updated 7:35 p.m. | A shooting incident at Union Station put Capitol Hill on alert just as the House wrapped up its final votes for the week.

Capitol Reflects on 9/11 Anniversary

Around 10 a.m. Friday morning a plane flew in the sky to the west of the Capitol, a poignant reminder of the tragic morning 14 years ago when planes became deadly weapons in the hands of terrorists.

D.C. Braces for Pope Francis Frenzy (Updated)

Updated 5:57 p.m. | Federal and local District of Columbia officials are bracing for the hundreds of thousands of people expected to visit D.C. during the first leg of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S.

Goodlatte Unwittingly Tries to Double-Book Andy Parker During Gun Control Rally (Updated)

Updated 5:57 p.m. | After Andy Parker’s 24-year-old daughter was shot and killed during a live WDBJ-TV broadcast, the Virginia father vowed he would do “whatever it takes to fix this problem,” then started pressing Congress to expand background-report checks to all gun sales.

Bob Dole Steering Private Fundraising Campaign for Ike Memorial

Bob Dole will not rest until he sees Dwight D. Eisenhower memorialized in Washington, D.C., so the 92-year-old former Senate majority leader and GOP presidential candidate is adding another bullet to his epic résumé.

Preparation, Speculation Mounts for Pope Visit

With Pope Francis set to give an historic address to Congress in two weeks, preparations and speculations about his visit are mounting, with some cautioning that, while he is addressing politicians, his visit is not political.

Capitol Workers Ask to Meet With Pope Francis

More than 40 Capitol food service workers are requesting a meeting with Pope Francis when he visits the Hill on Sept. 24.

Amanda Becker on Covering Congressional Ethics at Roll Call

This is part of a series of reflections from alumni journalists for our ongoing coverage of Roll Call’s 60th Anniversary. See all of our coverage at rollcall.com/60thanniversary.

Congressional Ethics Probes Gained Steam During Recess

From lurid exchanges about partying with underage prostitutes to subpoenas for congressional Gmail, members of Congress under scrutiny from the Justice Department and ethics investigators couldn’t catch a break during August recess.

Vote for Your Favorite Welcome Back Capitol Quip

The finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your vote:

The He’s-Just-Not-That-Into-You Interview

Informational interviews are a Washington rite of passage: Eager staffers-to-be go on dozens before landing their ideal job, and then spend the rest of their careers on the receiving end of lukewarm coffee conversations about someone else’s hopes and dreams.

Tea Party Whisperer Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements

The man once known in political circles as a tea party whisperer for his role on the GOP presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., has pleaded guilty to making false statements.

Larry David Lends a Hand to 'Fed Up' Campaign

Larry David, as only Larry David can do, is urging people to support efforts to get the food documentary “Fed Up” in the hands of the nation’s just-back-in-school teachers to help educate students about the food industry’s peculiar way of adding things (See: sugar, lots of it.) to its wares.

Capitol Hill Grappling With D.C. Crime Spike

When Capitol Hill’s police advisory council usually convenes to discuss crime and policing issues, a handful of residents show up. On Sept. 1, it was standing room only.

Welcome Back Capitol Quip

What happens in August recess stays in August recess. But what doesn’t get done in Washington doesn’t stay undone in September . . . or something like that. As Congress returns to a pile of unfinished business, we return to our weekly installment of Capitol Quip.

Recess Winner | Capitol Quip

Congratulations to our latest winner, and thanks to the readers who contributed captions to our Capitol Quip contest.

GAO Questions Capitol Power Plant Transition

A Government Accountability Office report released Thursday calls into question the ongoing project to transition the Capitol power plant from relying partially on coal to completely on natural gas.

House Ethics Committee Extends Review of Mike Honda

Shown notes from his district office’s staff retreat, Rep. Michael M. Honda allegedly acknowledged to ethics investigators that what he was seeing was “open to a lot of interpretation, but it doesn’t look good.”

Fattah Case: Congressional Gmail Subject to Subpoena

Just like Hillary Rodham Clinton, members of Congress can use personal email addresses to conduct congressional business. But those communications are not immune to FBI search.




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