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Paul Ryan and His Minions | Capitol Quip

We understand the importance of family time, so we understand Rep. Paul D. Ryan’s reluctance to run for a job as demanding as speaker of the House. But with the office comes great power, and with great power comes . . . minions. And if the travails of the great Gru (now a consultant for the Anti-Villain League) have taught us anything, it’s that minions are family, too. So, as Halloween approaches, let’s all spend some quality family time trick-or-treating with this week’s Capitol Quip.

Boehner's Barn Winner | Capitol Quip

Congratulations to this week’s winner, and thanks to the readers who contributed captions to our Capitol Quip contest.

Hoyer, McCarthy Host 2nd Congressional Hackathon

Congressional staffers, information technology specialists, Web developers and activists gathered in the Capitol Visitor Center Friday for the second congressional hackathon.

DOJ Clears Lois Lerner, Closes IRS Investigation

Congress wanted to jail her, but the Justice Department closed its investigation Friday into the IRS’s handling of tax-exemption applications from political groups without pursuing criminal charges against Lois Lerner.

Congress' Selfish Reason for Not Sharing CRS Reports

Members of Congress are selfish.

Farewell, My Lovely Crime and Punishment Museum

The Crime and Punishment Museum had to blow after getting the bum’s rush from its downtown D.C. joint. “Sadly, due to unforseen circumstances,” the sign said.

Ryan's Demands Include Plea for Work-Life Balance

Much of the media attention on Rep. Paul D. Ryan’s “conditions” for becoming the next speaker focus on his requirement that three disparate factions of the GOP unite in support of him. But one condition tucked neatly into the list includes a plea for work-life balance: no weekend fundraising travel.

Secret Service Retaliation Against Chaffetz Prompts Hearing

The Secret Service is under congressional fire next week for retaliation against Rep. Jason Chaffetz and the Utah Republican’s tough questioning of the agency.

House Approves Boehner's D.C. Vouchers Bill

House Republicans rallied around outgoing Speaker John A. Boehner Wednesday evening to approve one of his pet projects: a school voucher program for the District of Columbia.

The Lenses Have Turned | Capitol Lens

Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Pa., turns his phone’s camera on the media Tuesday as he video chats with his daughter, Bevin DeSantis, while entering a private meeting of House Republicans where Rep. Paul D. Ryan announced his conditions for running for speaker.

They Do Make Movies Like That Anymore

The type of movies Hollywood supposedly doesn’t make anymore are getting a lot of screen time in Washington, D.C.

Vote for Your Favorite Boehner's Barn Capitol Quip!

The finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your vote:

GPO Goes Under Congressional Microscope

The Government Publishing Office faced congressional scrutiny Wednesday for its process for producing secure credentials for government agencies, and lawmakers appeared open to re-examining the agency’s statute.

How to Dress for Success on Capitol Hill

Dress for the job you want, right? While many businesses are trending casual, Capitol Hill still keeps the suits-ties-blazers-heels look at all hours. A formal dress code is mandated by House and Senate rules while on the floor, so staffers naturally follow along. But what if an attempt to brighten up a work outfit draws unwanted comments? Hill Navigator discusses.

All Aboard | Capitol Lens

Sens. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., left, and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, talk Tuesday in the Capitol’s Senate Subway after the Senate policy luncheons.

Hidden Cash Financed Lawmakers' Turkey Trips

From Ankara to Istanbul, Capitol Hill lawmakers and staff took 159 privately sponsored trips to Turkey during the 113th Congress, putting the nation second only to Israel in popularity as a foreign destination.

Post-Schock Spending Rules Unveiled

Seven months after Rep. Aaron Schock’s resignation from Congress, the House Administration Committee will unveil new regulations governing how members can spend from their taxpayer-funded accounts.

Hill Staffer Deploying to Middle East

In June 2001, a young Ryan Croft watched as President George W. Bush dedicated the National D-Day Memorial in his hometown of Bedford, Va., which suffered the highest percentage of casualties per capita on June 6, 1944.

GOP Proposes Charging Print Journalists for Convention Seats

For the first time, Republican presidential nominating convention organizers are poised to charge print journalists for a seat in the convention hall.

Under My Umbrella | Capitol Lens

A tour guide holds up his yellow umbrella on Oct. 14 on the East Plaza of the Capitol as he gets his group to follow.




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