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Brian Baird Trades Congress for Family Time

For former Rep. Brian Baird, D-Wash., there is something to be said about the oft-ignored, rarely discussed “transition period” — that pivotal time when a member of Congress phases out of legislative life and must assimilate into a more normal one.

Arms and the Man: Shakespeare Edition

William Shakespeare was celebrated during his lifetime as a leading poet and dramatist. But by 1596, the Bard sought something more to cement his standing among the Elizabethan upper crust: A family coat of arms.

Capitol Dome Restoration Work Picks Up Pace During August Recess

August recess is peak construction season for the nearly $60 million restoration of the Capitol Dome.

Roll Call After Dark Documentary of the Week: 'Road Scholar'

It’s August, when many people take vacation and are lured by the open road. “Road Scholar,” Roger Weisberg’s 1993 chronicle of Andrei Codrescu’s journey across America in a red Cadillac, is the perfect documentary to illustrate what could lay ahead: fast food, kitschy motels, machine guns and an exploration of what it means to be an American.

'House of Cards' Film Crew Hits National Mall on Saturday

“House of Cards” is filming around the National Mall on Saturday, according to the D.C. Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.

Roll Call After Dark Quaff of The Week: B3K Black Lager by Wynkoop Brewing Co.

DENVER — It’s not what the president drinks when he visits Wynkoop Brewing Co., but it’s still a great beer worth a quaff: B3K Black Lager.

Follow Up on Capitol Hill Job Perks

It turns out Capitol Hill isn’t without its perks, at least as observed by outsiders.

Ryan Shucard Hopes Gun Charges Are Dismissed, Wants to Return to Marino's Office

The Capitol Hill staffer who brought a 9 mm handgun to work on July 18 is working with his attorney to get the felony charges dismissed, in light of a federal judge’s ruling that D.C.’s law against carrying handguns outside the home is unconstitutional, along with other factors.

#tbt: Intern Duties

Roll Call After Dark Tunes of the Week: 'San Clemente's Not The Same,' by Barbara Foster (Video)

Is anything the same post-Nixon? Not really. But singer Barbara Foster was one of the first to put such sentiment to words and tunes when she released her song “San Clemente’s Not The Same (Mr. Nixon, You’re To Blame),” in 1969, bemoaning the effect of President Richard Nixon’s taking up part-time residence in the picturesque California beach town.

Day 2: Arizona, Why Do You Hate Photographers?

I set my alarm to 6 a.m. the night before so I could get some pretty sunrise photos.

Westward Ho! Day 1 of Roll Call on the Road in Arizona

My alarm goes off at 3:30 a.m. to give me enough for a quick shower, a shot of caffeine and a ride via Uber to National Airport for my 6 a.m. flight to Las Vegas via Atlanta. I get to the airport and guess what? The TSA lanes aren’t even open. I could have slept another 30 minutes.

Roll Call After Dark Book of the Week: 'Watergate' by Thomas Mallon

“Watergate,” a novel by Thomas Mallon, is a hoot, a fictional interpretation of the political saga that ended the presidency of Richard M. Nixon and irrevocably altered the lives of those around him, not to mention the American political system.

Norton Vows to Defend D.C.'s Pot Legalization Initiative From Congress

As pro-marijuana advocates had hoped, the D.C. Board of Elections voted unanimously Wednesday to put legalization on the November ballot.

I Was Told There’d Be Perks

Think Capitol Hill jobs could use a few more perks? Don’t call an UberX just yet. Hill Navigator discusses the tangible benefits of working in Congress.

Roll Call After Dark Nosh of the Week: Canolis From Lechugas Italian Restaurant and Lounge

DENVER — Here in what used to be called North Denver — then Highlands, then LoHi — there’s a restaurant that does something that feeds the masses in an exemplary way, combining Italian and Mexican influences to produce a savory canoli.

D.C. Poised to Take Pot Legalization to Higher Level

The District of Columbia will likely take a stride toward making pot legal this week, setting up a potent opportunity for Capitol Hill to weigh in.

Capitol Hill Langar Highlights Sikh American Community

Updated 11:19 a.m. | While the week before August recess included some late nights for members of Congress, a few lawmakers and scores of staffers were able to take a break from the final votes to attend the first langar on Capitol Hill.

Gene Callahan, Father of Rep. Bustos and Former Senate Chief of Staff, Dies at 80

Era Eugene “Gene” Callahan, father of Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., and former chief of staff to the late Sen. Alan Dixon, passed away early Monday morning at the age of 80.

D.C. Man Arrested After Punching Capitol Police Officers

While the House was prepping its last votes before the August recess, Capitol Police were fending off a bizarre, shirtless attacker.




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