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Hill Life Archive

Federal Faucet

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.

Budget Cover Draws Attention to Denali

The fine print of the presidentís budget was still under wraps as print copies were distributed to Senate staff on Tuesday, but even the cover image was designed to tell a story.

Hillary Clinton in ... Inevitability II


The H8ful Eight

Finally! A movie about politics that ainít beanbag.

360 View From a Capitol Hill Sled

Photos From the D.C. Blizzard

Bookmark this slideshow, because weíll be adding Roll Callís latest photos throughout the weekend. All photos by Photo Editor Bill Clark.

Blizzard Blasts From the Past

As what is predicted to be a record-breaking blizzard bears down on Washington and residents prepare for a potential one to two feet of snow, we combed through the Roll Call photo archives to see how Washington has handled being covered in snow in years past.

The Calm Before the Storm: #Snowmaggedon2016

Washington is bracing for a winter storm thatís expected to bring high winds and somewhere between 12 inches and 24 inches of snow to the city, starting Friday and going through the weekend.

360 Degree View of Hillary in Iowa

As the Iowa caucuses creep ever closer, presidential candidates are flooding the state. On Wednesday, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton held an organizing event Burlington, Iowa, which Al Drago captured. See the view from our 360-degree camera below.

Trump This Endorsement

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOPís vice presidential nominee in 2008, endorsed Republican Donald Trump for president Tuesday in Ames, Iowa. Photographer Al Drago, who is on the road in Iowa until the Feb. 1 caucuses, was there to capture the moment.

Slideshow: 2016's Best State of the Union Photos

360 View of the House Chamber on SOTU Night


The Lighting Before the Storm

Traffic in the Capitolís Statuary Hall was altered Tuesday as lighting technicians installed a canopy to make sure media outlets had sufficient light throughout their stand-up interviews after Tuesdayís State of the Union address.

360 View of Senate GOP Leaders

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A Look Back at Dale Bumpers

Dale Bumpers, a reformist governor in Arkansas and four-term senator known for his wit and oratorical skills, as well as his passionate defense of President Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial, died on Jan. 1 at age 90.

Roll Call's Best News Photos of 2015

John A. Boehner crying, one last time on the House floor? Check. Campaign finance activist and Florida mailman Douglas Hughesí gyrocopter landing on the West Front? Got it. Rep. John Lewis at the Edmund Pettus Bridge? Uh-huh. From Iowa to Alabama, from the Capitol to the White House, Roll Callís photographers were there for 2015ís iconic moments.

Santa Claus Is Coming to Campaign

Santa Claus poses for a photo with Harrison Shupe (18 months) and his brother Jonathan Shupe (5) before the start of a Dec. 18 campaign rally for presidential candidate Ted Cruz at the Life Church in Mechanicsville, Va.

Roll Call's Feature Photos of the Year

From Jeff Bridges channeling ďThe DudeĒ to lobby for childrenís nutrition to members of Congress competing for baseball diamond or gridiron glory to the many, many cute dogs and selfies and rough weather that make up life on Capitol Hill, Roll Callís photographers are there to document it all. Enjoy 2015ís best Roll Call Feature Photos.

Making Connections

Winter Is Coming (With Sledding Space for All)

Temperatures may have soared to near 60 degrees this week, but it is December, which means the may be snow on the ground at some point. As though on cue, Congress reminded us of the joys of the season Wednesday, when it came to our attention that a sledding provision was tucked into massive, year-end, $1.1 trillion appropriations bill.




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