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Capitol Quip's Beach Blanket Winner

Congratulations to this week’s winner and thanks to the readers who contributed captions to our Capitol Quip contest.

'Catfish' Subject Indicted for Metro, SOTU Threats

A 20-year-old D.C. man allegedly called Metro Transit Police on the night of State of the Union, claiming people “from France” told him they planned to ambush President Barack Obama’s motorcade and assassinate the president that night.

Sexual Allegations Follow 'Sparse' Indictment of Hastert

At least one man allegedly told the FBI a decades-old story of being inappropriately touched by former House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, The New York Times reported Friday afternoon, one of a flurry of leaks from anonymous sources familiar with the investigation of the Illinois Republican.

Investigators Raid Home of Chris Collins' Chief of Staff

Investigators probing the campaign and fundraising activities of Western New York political operatives on Thursday raided the home of the chief of staff for Republican Rep. Chris Collins, local new outlets reported.

Viva la Rivoluzione at Movie Nights in Adams Morgan

No, “Bicycle Thief” is not a documentary about the perils of owning a nice two-wheeler in a gentrifying part of Washington.

Internet Squatter Trolls Capitol Police (Updated)

Updated: 8:20 a.m. | Typing into a Web browser reveals a toxic takedown of Congress’ own law enforcement agency that appears to have been created by someone who wears — or recently wore — a Capitol Police badge.

Hastert Indictment Details Hush-Money Scheme (Updated)

Updated: 9:28 p.m. | The Justice Department’s indictment of former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert details a sordid tale of the Illinois Republican paying $3.5 million of hush money in small increments to cover up “his past misconduct” and seeking to conceal the acts, including lying to federal agents.

Former Senate Commerce Staffer Indicted for Defrauding Vulnerable Women

Known as a fixture on Capitol Hill until his January 2010 retirement, longtime Senate staffer Robert Lee Foster is now making headlines for his alleged involvement in a scheme to defraud vulnerable women for approximately $500,000.

Climbing That Ladder: Will Graduate School Help on Capitol Hill?

Got ambition? Plenty of high-ranking Capitol Hill staffers once started answering the phones and answering mail (even before there was email . . . back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). But take a look at any resume stack and graduate school comes up quite a bit. So just how helpful is that graduate degree on Capitol Hill? Hill Navigator discusses:

Mendelson Cautious on Budget Autonomy Act

For the first time, the District of Columbia could move forward with a budget that is not tied to the federal appropriations process, thanks to a court decision issued Wednesday.

Vote for Your Beach Blanket Capitol Quip!

The finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your vote:

Bowser, Council Score D.C. Budget Autonomy Victory

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser and the D.C. Council scored a victory Wednesday in the ongoing court case surrounding a law granting D.C. more control over its local budget.

DOJ Opposes Moving Menendez Trial to D.C.

Justice Department lawyers filed their response Tuesday to Sen. Robert Menendez’s request to move his federal corruption trial from Newark, N.J., to Washington, D.C., arguing the New Jersey Democrat “ignores” the indictment’s allegations he accepted things of value in his home state and demonstrates a “lack of seriousness” about the charges he faces.

Blimps Over Capitol: Just Hot Air?

Coming soon to a Capitol skyline near you: Giant blimps at 10,000 feet?

Food Truck Man Owned Pressure Cooker Destroyed by Police

The Arlington, Va., man who triggered a bomb scare Sunday near the National Mall apologized and explained the pressure cooker that Capitol Police exploded was used for his food truck business, NBC4 reported on Monday.

National Mall Giving Away Tickets to Landmark Music Festival

As part of an effort to publicize the National Mall’s first-ever music festival and make it accessible, the Trust for the National Mall is giving away 1,000 tickets this week to the Landmark Music Festival.

Nobody Puts NoMa in a Corner

NoMa Summer Screen kicks off its schedule Wednesday at its new location, and with its 2015 theme, “Dance, Dance, Dance.”

Police Evacuate Capitol, CVC After Fire Alarm Goes Off

Updated 1:24 p.m. | Police evacuated the Capitol Tuesday after a fire alarm went off in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Beach Blanket Republicans Adorn Capitol Quip

While everyone knows Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the start of the summer vacation season, few people know that once every four years, in the odd year preceding an election year, it also marks the unofficial start of the presidential waters-testing season. One beach is especially popular leading up to 2016, so brave the crowds, party with the Republicans and play this week’s Capitol Quip.

Capitol Police Explode Pressure Cooker in 'Suspicious' Vehicle Near National Mall

A Capitol Police bomb squad safely exploded a pressure cooker in a parked car near the National Mall Sunday evening, the department said in a statement. They acted out of an abundance of caution, during the annual Memorial Day concert that draws thousands to the Capitol grounds, but later found nothing hazardous about the vehicle.




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