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George Mitchell Tells His Favorite Tales in New Memoir

George Mitchell Tells His Favorite Tales in New Memoir
Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo

Not long after George J. Mitchell gave up a federal judgeship in Maine for an appointment to the Senate, he found himself sleeping on a cot.

Gyrocopter Pilot Back in Court; Questions Not Over for Capitol Police

Doug Hughes returns to the District of Columbia Friday for a preliminary hearing on charges related to his April 15 landing on the West Front of the Capitol, an event that provoked tough questions from members of Congress about how safe Washington is from aerial attacks.

Vote for Your Favorite Dancing With Wall Street Stars Capitol Quip!

The finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your vote.

Kamala Harris’ Not-So-Secret Police

The Avengers. R.I.P.D. The Masonic Fraternal Police Department.

Capitol Dome Workers Pause for 'Safety Stand-Down'

Construction workers who scale the Capitol Dome each day gathered Wednesday morning to learn about safety procedures and fall prevention.

GOP Leaders Not Briefed on Bodyguards' Lost Guns

House Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., might never have known their bodyguards left guns in the bathroom without CQ Roll Call’s report, which has launched a Capitol Police investigation into the source of the leak.

Area Lawmakers: Don't Change Reagan Airport Rules

Members of the Virginia and District of Columbia delegations are urging Congress not to change the rules governing Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, citing an increasing imbalance between the region’s two major airports.

Coffee, ’Cue and M&M's: How to Survive a Markup All-Nighter

It started at 10 a.m. More than 18 hours later, at 4:39 a.m., it ended.

Cruz Makes Ill-Fated Pitch to Block D.C. Law

Cruz Makes Ill-Fated Pitch to Block D.C. Law

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made a last-ditch push for the Senate to block a District of Columbia law Friday, but his statement was almost certainly made in vain.

Capitol Police Investigating Gun Report Leak

After two CQ Roll Call reports Friday called attention to safety lapses involving firearms in the Capitol and raised eyebrows among concerned members of Congress, police officials announced a new investigation — into how CQ Roll Call got the story.

Members Urge Capitol Police to Allow Sledding

Through an amendment to a spending bill, lawmakers are urging the Capitol Police to allow D.C. residents to sled on Capitol Hill.

Getting the Run of the Place at Congressional Cemetery

Even the dead need a cold beer now and then. Hence the “City of Silence” coozies Historic Congressional Cemetery sells for five bucks a pop.

Under Microscope for Gyrocopter, Capitol Police Stretched Thin

Under Microscope for Gyrocopter, Capitol Police Stretched Thin

Members of Congress agreed Doug Hughes is lucky to be alive after his dangerous stunt, based on what they learned about the April 15 gyrocopter landing during closed-door briefings from Capitol law enforcement. But big questions remain unanswered.

Flat Funding Could Hurt the Congressional Research Service

As appropriators work to keep spending for the legislative branch stagnant, the flat funding could have an adverse effect on an agency that affects virtually every office and committee: the Congressional Research Service.

Cochran Staffer Confesses to Sex-for-Drugs Scheme, Feds Say

Agents from Homeland Security Investigations raided the Northwest Washington home of a Senate staffer at approximately 6 a.m. Thursday morning, in a drug bust prompted by Customs and Border Protection officers in Ohio, who intercepted a 1.1-kilogram package of gamma-Butyrolactone, or GBL, bound for D.C.

Vitter's Obamacare Probe Continues With Subpoena Vote

Vitter's Obamacare Probe Continues With Subpoena Vote

Sen. David Vitter’s crusade against government contributions to congressional health care plans continues this week with a vote to subpoena documents from the D.C. government, but he may have some dissenters in the Republican ranks.

Tom Colicchio Displays Hunger for D.C. Advocacy

“Guys, this isn’t a one-time deal. You have to keep coming back,” is the message Tom Colicchio said he gives to every chef who comes to Washington, D.C., with him — and it’s the message he follows.

Tom Colicchio Displays Hunger for D.C. Advocacy

“Guys, this isn’t a one-time deal. You have to keep coming back,” is the message Tom Colicchio said he gives to every chef who comes to Washington, D.C., with him — and it’s the message he follows.

Making Your Own Fun on White House Correspondents’ Dinner Weekend

It’s time once again for worlds to collide — that extra special lost weekend during which visiting celebs and local reporters kick POTUS to the curb and get hammered together for days on end: the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

As Campaigns Heat Up, Candidates Mind Senate Rules

Juggling a grueling campaign schedule and work as a U.S. senator can be a daunting task for the ones running for president, but as election season picks up, they’ll also have to be mindful of the Senate rules for campaigning.

Capitol Lens: #MURICA

Capitol Lens: #MURICA

Guest-List App IDs D.C.'s A-List Venues

Of course there’s an app for checking in to a guest list, and for those heading to the MSNBC after party on Saturday after the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, you’ll be checked in using zkipster.

For Capitol Police, Change Keeps Coming

For Capitol Police, Change Keeps Coming

For Capitol Police, it’s been an unsettling and rough few weeks characterized by speculation about their top leaders, a suicide on the West Front, a gyrocopter landing on the Capitol lawn and members of Congress looking to trim the force’s budget.

Senate Contractors to Join Federal Workers Strike at Capitol

Contract workers in the U.S. Senate will walk off their jobs Wednesday to join contractors from across the District of Columbia in a strike calling for preference to be given to contractors who offer better wages, benefits and collective bargaining rights.

Cárdenas: FBI Has Not Contacted Me — 'That Is the Truth' (Audio)

Things are getting weird for Rep. Tony Cárdenas.

House Committee Approves Resolution Blocking D.C. Law

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted along party lines Tuesday evening to strike down a D.C. bill.

Student Loan Forgiveness for Staff on Chopping Block

One of the more generous benefits for congressional staffers might be on the chopping block in this year’s budget. The House and Senate budgets include cuts for education, employment and training, including the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The program forgives all federally backed student loans for those working for 10 cumulative years in public service — including time spent on Capitol Hill.

Delivering on the Free Exercise Clause

Two centuries before there were debates over insurance coverage for contraception or cakes for gay weddings, Congress spent two decades — off and on — debating religious freedom in a somewhat more esoteric context: delivery of the mail on Sunday.

Miriam Carey Shooting Provokes Lawsuit Against DOJ

Miriam Carey Shooting Provokes Lawsuit Against DOJ

Efforts to shed light on the confusing series of events that led federal law enforcement officers to fatally shoot a 34-year-old woman outside the Capitol 18 months ago may rest in the hands of a federal judge.

Norton Warns GOP: Don't Tread on D.C.

For the first time in more than two decades, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is set to take up a resolution aimed at blocking a D.C. bill Tuesday, to the chagrin of the District’s congressional delegate.

Fired Staffer Files Ethics Complaint Against Baldwin

A former deputy state director for Sen. Tammy Baldwin has lodged a complaint, asking the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate the Wisconsin Democrat for “making false statements and representations to cover up actions by her chief of staff” and protect the first-term senator’s political career.

Sen. Robert Griffin, 1923-2015

When Sen. Robert Griffin died on April 17, much of the news coverage that followed focused on his filibuster against the nomination of Abe Fortas to be chief justice of the United States and his political alliance with Gerald Ford, a fellow Michigan Republican who rose through the House ranks to become minority leader, vice president and eventually president after Richard M. Nixon resigned.

Congressman Can't Use Franked Mail to 'Thank a Veteran'

The folks in charge of franked mail in the House refuse to allow members of Congress to send official mail for the sole purpose of encouraging their constituents to “thank a veteran,” a policy one Illinois Democrat calls “a disservice to the brave men and women who sacrifice so much for this country.”

Hill Staffer Student Loan Perk Comes With Caveats

Have student loans and want a $10,000 raise? The Student Loan Repayment Program, offered through both the House and Senate, can shoulder the student loan burden for up to $10,000 per staff member per year.

What About #ThatTown?

This is the week #ThisTown lives for, the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner and its multiple party-time events. But what about #ThatTown, the folks who won’t be picking up the tux or cocktail dress from the cleaners?

Congress Wants Answers From Capitol Police on Gyrocopter (Video)

Congress Wants Answers From Capitol Police on Gyrocopter (Video)

Members of Congress say they received no warning that the West Front went into lockdown Wednesday afternoon, prompting concerns about how Capitol Police would handle a more menacing threat to the secure airspace surrounding the Dome.

Piero di Cosimo's Breakout Show

It took almost 500 years for one of the bad boys of Renaissance art to get a major retrospective. But if recent crowds at the National Gallery of Art are any indication, Piero di Cosimo may be starting to emerge from the shadows cast by famous contemporaries such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo to take a long overdue star turn.

Filmfest DC Returns 'Leaner and Meaner'

Filmfest DC, the homegrown international movie festival entering its 29th year, kicks off its 11-day slate on Thursday. It almost didn’t happen.

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