Heard on the Hill

Rewriting History

As an avowed splatter movie enthusiast — please, ask me about my unhealthy obsession with all things Dario Argento — I've been intrigued by the rise of what I like to call the "horcom fictory" trend.

Don't bother researching that homegrown googlenope: It's my personal shorthand for the horror comedy fictional history model of moviemaking — think Ken Burns' Civil War series meets "The Evil Dead" — lumbering soon into a multiplex near you.

We got a taste of the goretacular genre whilst laughing right along with all the in-your-face decapitations and entrail-spewing eviscerations paraded across the screen in the fiendishly clever "The Cabin in the Woods." (Well done, Mr. Whedon.)

But methinks the breakout star of this summer may well have to be one-term lawmaker cum "Great Emancipator" President Abraham Lincoln: