Heard on the Hill

McIntyre, Now More Than Ever

Renaissance man Rep. Mike McIntyre also has participated in the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. (CQ Roll Call File Photo)

North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre (D) might be fast becoming the most interesting man in Congress.

We were reminded last week that he is an enthusiastic regular in the annual Shakespeare Theatre Company’s “Will on the Hill” benefit.

Now we learn he recently got his black belt.

Other things: “[He] has been active in Rotary Club, Boy Scouts, and the Parent-Teacher Association.”

In fact, the North Carolina PTA has given him an honorary life membership, the Oak Island Beach Preservation Society named him the Beach Preservationist of the Year in 2005, and he received the MVP Award “for the entire Congress by TREA Senior Citizens League” and on and on, to the tune of 1,770 words on his official Congressional biography.

No word on whether he is allowed to touch the art in museums or if his mother has a tattoo that says “Son.”

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