Heard on the Hill

McCain: C-SPAN Head Is Like a Brother

C-SPAN chief Brian Lamb (above) is retiring, and among the lamenters is Sen. John McCain. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Veteran Sen. John McCain is mourning the retirement of Brian Lamb, C-SPAN's founder, CEO and, apparently, McCain’s brother from another mother.

In an afternoon release, the Arizona Republican lauded Lamb’s 33-year career as the public face of C-SPAN, adding, “I have had the privilege of knowing Brian for many years, and there are many people across the country who still believe we were separated at birth!”

Indeed, a side-by-side comparison of the pictures of the two men confirms a striking resemblance – more so, at least, than McCain’s likeness to Ed Harris, ahem, HBO.

In his statement, McCain called Lamb “a broadcasting legend who made the workings of our government accessible and transparent to every American.”

Lamb is reportedly remaining at C-SPAN as chairman of the board but is transferring day-to-day operations duties to two co-CEOs, Rob Kennedy and Susan Swain.