Heard on the Hill

Lots and Lots of Gephardt

The Missouri History Museum loves Dick Gephardt.

The former Democratic leader bequeathed the museum decades of official documents, snapshots and, lucky for us, all manner of video footage upon his retirement from Congress in 2005.

The MHM Vimeo channel, which currently boasts more than 720 videos, had, until three weeks ago, pretty much been dormant. The earliest entry (posted in 2009) showcases model steam trains barreling around a museum display, while subsequent installments include a grainy, black-and-white documentary about ‘The Vanishing Ozarks” (2010) and a series of interviews for something called “Weavers’ Guild” (2011).

The museum has uploaded almost 200 Gephardt clips just this week.

Pandering to the technologically challenged

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