Heard on the Hill

Feeding the Machine

Keeping the country from going completely off the rails is grueling work. This must by why our elected officials don’t shy away from big hearty meals.

Take slurpmeister Jim Himes.


Jim Himes at Sherwood Diner


The Connecticut Democrat tells HOH he’s at Sherwood Diner in Westport, Conn., at least once a month in search of sustenance. “In the winter I eat as much soup as I can. Keeps me warm, hydrated and it's the best way to deal with my tentative relationship with vegetables,” he said of his nutritional end-around.

From all indications, fellow lawmaker Kyrsten Sinema can certainly relate:


Kyrsten Sinema at brunch


The Arizona Democrat prefaced the pic of her ultra buttery brunch with a one-word summary: “Seriously.”

As a heart attack, congresswoman.


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