That Time a Congressman Killed a Lion in Zimbabwe (Video)

From left, Darryl Riley, Duane Thomas, and Howard McKinney, move an African Lion killed during a hunt in Zimbabwe by Rep. Paul Broun. The Architect of the Capitol and Chief Administrative Officer employees moved the lion from Rayburn Building to Broun's new office in Cannon on Dec. 10, 2008. (CQ Roll Call File Photo).

Long before the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by a Minneapolis dentist triggered an international outcry over the illegal hunting, one U.S. Congressman confidently bragged about killing — and eating — his own conquests.  

It also led us at CQ Roll Call to what former Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., displayed in his congressional office — a lion he killed during a hunt in Zimbabwe!  

Broun also spent a little quality time with Roll Call's "Office Space" report discussing, among other things, what each one of his kills tasted like, including the Zimbabwean lion.  

Office Space: Paul Broun's Wild Kingdom 

Office Space: Paul Broun's Wild Kingdom