Brothel Responds to Reid's Prostitutes/2016 GOP Convention Remarks

One of Nevada's legal brothels is rebutting Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's argument that the state's prostitution industry could be a reason Las Vegas loses out on hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention. Sheri's Ranch Brothel points to the rates of sex trafficking in Tampa, Fla., as not exactly a disqualifying factor in the city's hosting of the 2012 Republican convention. "These serious prostitution-related issues didn’t seem to bother Republicans when they considered Tampa, so why would they have an issue with a state that enforces legal prostitution? After all, Nevada's licensed brothels only allow safe sex between mature consenting adults in a secure, STD-free environment," the brothel said in its response. "Sex trafficking and child prostitution are abhorred by representatives of the legal Nevada sex work community." Reid said recently that the prostitution business "would be an issue" for the Vegas odds for the GOP convention. Sheri's Ranch Brothel suggests that Reid, a Nevada Democrat, should know that the legal prostitution business offers a greater degree of discretion. "We all know that politicians and public figures enjoy the company of prostitutes as much as any other American citizen, if not more so," Sheri's Ranch said. "So why not host political events in locations close to legalized brothels, where public servants can blow off steam in a worry-free environment?" Sheri's Ranch is located about an hour outside Las Vegas. Legal prostitution operations in Nevada are generally located in sparsely populated areas. There are no legal brothels in Clark County, for instance. The full response to Reid is posted on the Sheri's Ranch Brothel website, but viewer discretion is advised.