Heard on the Hill

Bird Invades Cannon

Cleaver the bird invaded the office of Rep. Mike Doyle on Wednesday afternoon. (Neda Semnani/CQ Roll Call)

Cleaver invaded the office of Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) and defied impromptu efforts to shoo him away.

Who’s Cleaver? Just the orange and black bird who came through Doyle’s Cannon Building office’s open window to hang out. The bird, dubbed Cleaver, or Cleveland or something similar, by Doyle’s staff, spent most of Wednesday afternoon perched high on the molding in the fourth-floor office. “Mike Doyle’s office was terrorized by a birdspawn named Cleaver,” a frantically poetic tipster told HOH. “Cannon windows open, and a bird sneaked in — and NO one can get it out!

“Men with brooms was First Calls response,” the tipster continued. Men with brooms make house calls? Shows how much we know.

Thirty minutes later, men with brooms still couldn’t get Cleaver out and told Doyle’s staff to “just deal with it.”

When HOH went to see Cleaver, the staff had opened the office windows, closed the door to the hallway and turned off all the lights in hopes of luring him outside. Go! It’s lovely outside!

Alas, not only did Cleaver fly into Congress, which is bad enough, but he had to suffer the indignity of looking on as Doyle’s staff tucked into a poultry-centric lunch.