Boehner's Job Security Questioned in Relation to Immigration, 'Hastert Rule'

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said over the weekend that Speaker John A. Boehner should be removed from his position if he brings an immigration bill to the floor that does not have majority GOP support. “I would consider that a betrayal of the Republican members of the House and a betrayal of Republicans throughout the country,” the California Republican told WorldNetDaily in an interview published online Sunday. “If Speaker Boehner moves forward and permits this to come to a vote even though a majority of Republicans in the House oppose whatever is coming to a vote, he should be removed as speaker.” Moving legislation without the support of a majority of the GOP conference would violate what is known as the “Hastert rule,” which is not a formal rule but a general guideline used by former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill. It held that the House should not pass legislation on the backs of Democrats. Boehner last week did not rule out bringing up immigration with a minority of Republican support and now he faces an insurgent effort to codify the Hastert rule. In the same interview, Rohrabacher also dismissed Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., as confused on the issue and telling “lie after lie” about the bill. “No one should believe him,” Rohrabacher said. The WorldNetDaily interview can be found here.