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Baseball Program: June 29, 2010

Underdog GOP Hopes to Pull Upset

Everyone in Washington, D.C., has been buzzing about whether the Republicans are going to regain Congressional control — by picking up a win in the 49th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, that is.

Democrats Look to Build on 2009 Win

After winning back the White House and extending their majorities in Congress in November 2008, Democrats moved to the diamond last June to again show there’s a new era on Capitol Hill, snapping the GOP’s eight-game winning streak in the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

Sánchez Returns to Field Full of Men

One vote from the other side of the aisle hardly makes a bill bipartisan. Similarly, one female player in a group of men hardly makes a baseball game coed.

Baird, Stupak Will Miss Camaraderie

At least two Members will be taking their final cuts at tonight’s game, ending careers that spanned two decades, dozens of teammates — and numerous injuries.

Midterms May Mean Roster Shake-Ups

Setting aside for a moment the desire to leave the politics out of the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that election cycles have a way of shaking up the annual hardball battle more drastically than injuries, aging or weight gain ever could.

Charities Gain Big From Game

The Washington Literacy Council opened up several doors for Sandra Johnson, including the opportunity to coach T-ball, softball and baseball.

Hall of Fame Inductees

The Roll Call Congressional Baseball Hall of Fame was established in 1993, when seven veterans were inducted.




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