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Baseball Program: June 25, 2007

New Majority, Same Great Tradition?

Just as summer brings beer, hot dogs and baseball to major and minor league ballparks all over the country, so, too, does it bring those things and more — Members of Congress — to the diamond on Capitol Hill.

Freshmen Answer Doyle’s Call to Arms

Call them the young guns. The Democratic baseball team that takes the field tonight for the 46th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game will boast nine members of the freshman class of 2006, including several new lawmakers with impressive athletic credentials.Their manager, Rep. Mike Doyle (Pa.), said he hopes the fresh faces (and fresh legs) will bring the Democrats victory for the first time since 2000. Rep. Jay Inslee (Wash.), whom teammates called the Democrats’ “designated trash-talker,” provided this analysis: “Last November America spoke, and the message was clear — they want Democrats to win the baseball game. That’s why they gave us some new young arms.”

Cheers, Jeers Await Teams

Anyone who’s been around Capitol Hill long enough knows that even though everyone agrees Congressional baseball is for a good cause, the game is still a continuation of politics by other means.

A Salute to the Skipper

Former Rep. Mike Oxley (R-Ohio) is proud of many things from his Congressional career, but two of his “proudest achievements” are sitting in his garage, waiting to be displayed in his office.

Staffers Look Back on 30 Years

Just settling into his new job on Capitol Hill in the mid-1970s, House aide Joe Foley was summoned by his boss, then-Rep. Bill Chappell (D-Fla.).


The 2007 Democratic Roster


The 2007 Republican Roster




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