David Duke Explodes During Louisiana Senate Debate

White supremacist candidate calls for Hillary Clinton’s execution

During a debate on Wednesday, Louisiana Senate candidate David Duke called for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be executed. (DavidDuke.com)

Despite having no chance of winning the Louisiana Senate race, David Duke was the main focus of the debate held at Dillard University in New Orleans on Wednesday.

Many students at the historically black university protested outside the auditorium, which was empty during the debate except for a small number of guests of each candidate, The Times-Picayune reported. Police outside the event used pepper spray on some protesters.

The debate featured six of the 23 candidates running in next week’s open Senate primary. Duke was joined by state Treasurer John Kennedy, Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. and Rep. John Fleming (all Republicans), and two Democrats, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell and lawyer Caroline Fayard. 

During the debate, Campbell hit Fayard for running an ad linking him to the former Ku Klux Klan leader.

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“It’s not just a lie, it’s a damn lie,” Campbell said, according to NPR. “I have nothing in common with David Duke other than we’re probably breathing.”

Duke, who qualified for the debate by polling at one-tenth of a percentage point above the threshold, exploded at the moderator during one moment, accusing the media of being biased against him.

Duke also made anti-Semitic remarks about Jewish control of the media and other institutions.

“There is a problem in America with a very strong, powerful tribal group that dominates our media, dominates our international banking,” he said, before adding “I’m not opposed to all Jews.”

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Duke also called for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to be executed.

“The lady should be getting the electric chair, being charged with treason,” he said.

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