Jose Parra Leaves Reidland for ProsperoLatino | Downtown Moves

Jose Parra has left the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and struck out on his own to head up ProsperoLatino, a Latino-focused public relations firm. “We saw a void in Hispanic communications,” said Parra in a recent interview. Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographics in the country and Parra and his business partner David Taggart hope to be the place where Fortune 500 companies and political candidates go to reach out to the community. “There is so much that is needed… corporations that have a lot of room to grow or have a high stake in Hispanic markets around the country,” Parra said. “And obviously there are going to be different races that are going to need the Hispanic votes and need to figure out how to message.” With offices in Washington and Miami, ProsperoLatino bills itself as a “strategic consulting firm focused on corporate, political and non-profit clients seeking to effectively connect with American Latinos.” Parra said that the firm does everything except lobbying, of which there is no shortage in the District. Parra began working for Reid in 2008 after stints as a reporter at the Miami Herald and the Sun Sentinel. He also worked for Rep. Mike Honda, D-Calif., in 2007, before joining the majority leader’s office. He saw the need for a specific outreach program to Latinos when he worked for Reid's 2010 re-election campaign. During that race, Latino turnout helped return Reid to Washington in a tough year for Democrats and after many pundits counted him out . Parra also advised Obama For America in 2012, when Latinos also voted in significant numbers in key swing states, including Nevada, to help secure Obama’s re-election. Parra still expects to work on Latino political issues, such as the push for immigration reform. Taggart runs the Miami office. He has worked in Latin America, including launching Dow Jones in Latin America and served as publisher. He subsequently helped supervise operations for Grupo Televisa in the United States, Puerto Rico and Central America.
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