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Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

2014 Game Coverage

The Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game in 3 Minutes (Video)

From the opening stretches to Speaker John A. Boehner’s slow jam, watch members in all their glory as the Democrats capture their sixth-straight coveted Roll Call trophy in a 15-6 victory.

Could Congressional Sports Fix Washington? It’s a Start

The Congressional Baseball Game sets an example for how forged friendships could fix Washington.

Democrats Dominate Congressional Baseball Game Once Again

For the sixth straight year, Democrats proudly hoisted the coveted Roll Call trophy at Nationals Park — before running for cover from the rain.

Slideshow: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Check out the best shots of the Roll Call Congressional Baseball game by Photo Editor Bill Clark and photographer Tom Williams. There really was some action on the field – a few times.

Bloopers: Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Roll Call Photo Editor Bill Clark takes you behind the scenes for a look at what's it like to capture members of Congress on the baseball diamond.

Beyond the Stars: Congressional Baseball Players to Watch

Baseball is a team game. The following five players might not have a lot of flash, but they’re worth paying attention to.

Democratic Shortstop Injured on Game Day

Rep. Jared Huffman, D-Calif., who was slated to play shortstop for the Democrats in tonight’s 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, will have to watch from the sidelines this year.

Roll Call’s Unsung Congressional Baseball Heroes

Sid, Buddy, Skip, Kassy, Joe and Tim are not on the rosters for the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. But they have all helped shape this monument to Capitol camaraderie, a game that allows public servants to shed power suits and briefing books in favor of leather and lumber on Nationals Park’s elegant diamond.

Joe Donnelly: From ‘The Sandlot’ to Nationals Park

It’s 1960 and a young boy is tossing a baseball with his dad in the backyard, dreaming of playing in the outfield for the New York Yankees one day, just like his idol Mickey Mantle. Fast-forward 54 years and that same boy is playing in the outfield at Nationals Park. But he isn’t a professional ballplayer. He’s a U.S. senator.

Vulnerable Members Hope There’s a Next Year for Their Congressional Baseball Careers

“Play every game as if it was your last,” says every manager worth his weight in sunflower seeds. And for a handful of members, the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game will be their last if they don’t win re-election later this year.

For Cedric Richmond, Congressional Baseball Is More Than a Game

In the three years he's pitched in the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, Richmond put these numbers up: 1.7 ERA, 34 K’s, 10 hits allowed, and a WHIP of 0.8571 in 21 innings pitched. These are numbers he is looking to improve upon in this year’s contest.

Bart Stupak Scraps His Way to Congressional Baseball Hall Of Fame

Some ballplayers rack up win after win from the pitcher’s mound. Others bash hit after hit. Managers capture the coveted Roll Call trophy and put it on display in their offices. Any of these career paths can lead to recognition and honors.

The Updated Staffer Guide to the Congressional Baseball Game

It has the feel of a summer baseball game with the camaraderie of a work happy hour. There is something for everyone, from the thrill-seeking intern who gets excited to see a member of Congress in person to the hard-working chief of staff who needs an excuse to take the rest of the staff out for a night.

Joseph Crowley Savors Diamond Memories From Congressional Baseball Games

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle — or “Coach Doyle,” as he’s deferentially called by colleagues — doesn’t want to see anybody get hurt at the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. That’s a good thing for a team of amateur athletes with an average age far past that of a professional ballplayer in his prime, and perhaps especially good for Rep. Joseph Crowley.

How Life Imitates the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Members of Congress frequently use terms like “camaraderie” and “fun” and “bipartisanship” to describe the Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. All true. It’s also a place where they barrel into each, break bones, spill blood and jockey for influence on their own teams. In short, it’s an accurate depiction of life in Congress.

Congressional Baseball Game Helps D.C. Adults Get Second Chance at Washington Literacy Center

Latisha Powell pointed to a paper pinned to the bulletin board on the bright blue wall and said, “When I came here, I couldn’t write that essay.”

53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game Rosters

With the 53rd Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game less than three weeks away, the Democrats and Republicans have set their final rosters.

C-SPAN’s Vintage Coverage of Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game

Talk about a public service! C-SPAN has some serious Throwback Thursday action going on, with videos of past Roll Call Congressional Baseball Games, including from as far back as 1982.

Vance McAllister Set for Congressional Baseball Game Debut

Republicans could have a Louisiana star of their own to rival the Democrats’ Rep. Cedric L. Richmond in the form of Rep. Vance McAllister.

Bad News: Republicans Lose Top Baseball Player to Injury

Republicans hoping to redeem themselves after a devastating loss in last year’s Congressional Baseball Game will have to take the field without one of their star players.

Play Ball! Practices Begin for 53rd Annual Congressional Baseball Game

Democrats are looking to score their sixth straight win following their victory over the Republicans last year with an unprecedented score of 22-0.

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