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Anti-Clintonites Invade #ImWithHerNow
Haters have fun with updated rallying cry

The Twitterverse stormed right into an attempted addendum to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign speech, clouding the #ImWithHerNow trend with insults and ire.  

Khan DNC Speech Drives Spike in Voter Registration Searches
Inquiring minds Googled registration, third party candidates

Trend watchers noticed a spike in online searches about voter registration even before Khizr Khan left the stage after his passionate rebuke of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during Thursday's last night of the Democratic National Convention.  

"Tonight we are honored to stand here as parents of Capt. Humayun Kahn and as patriotic American Muslims," the Pakistani immigrant said in a loving tribute to his son, an Army captain killed while serving in Iraq.  

Where Are They Now? Power Players in 1992 and 2016
Today’s leaders were still works in progress during Bill Clinton's inaugural run

Much has been made about the fact that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has remained in the public eye for a quarter century.  

Many of her closest allies — and a few of her fiercest antagonists — have followed similarly storied paths through modern political history.  

Chelsea Clinton Excited to Set Stage for History
'I think my heart will burst,' she says of introducing her mother at Democratic convention

Chelsea Clinton, the former first teen who has matured into a battle-tested campaign surrogate, on Thursday said she plans to eschew rhetoric and speak instead from a deeply personal place when introducing her mother, Hillary Clinton, at the Democratic National Convention.  

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D.C.'s Union Station Briefly Evacuated for Suspicious Package
Firefighters radioed for help after encountering something unusual; commuter swarm outside

Washington's Union Station was evacuated for a brief period at the height of the evening rush on Wednesday over a suspicious package, officials said. ...
Larry Pressler’s Long, Strange Trip to the DNC
Former Republican can’t see Donald Trump as president

Retired Sen. Larry Pressler is so worried about the future of his former party under Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, he’s making the rounds in Philadelphia to help the other side retain the White House.  

“I’m just afraid Trump’s gonna win unless Hillary’s campaign wakes up,” the Republican-turned-independent said of his inaugural trip to the Democratic National Convention .  

Koch Brothers Commit $1 Million to Stopping Evan Bayh
New ad buy targets Senate veteran seeking a comeback

Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC propped up by conservative activists Charles and David Koch, Tuesday plunked down $1 million for a new 30-second ad denouncing former Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh in front of Indiana voters.  

The commercial, tagged “Bailout Bayh,” assails the two-term lawmaker — who recently launched a comeback bid  for his old seat — for supporting the 2008 bailout of financial institutions and later serving on the board of some of those same beneficiaries.

Democrats Angling to Have Sanders Nominate Clinton Tuesday Night
Campaigns reportedly in talks

Democratic operatives are looking to overcome Monday’s rocky start by having onetime presidential challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders formally nominate rival Hillary Clinton as part of Tuesday’s planned roll call vote.  

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, retiring Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland, civil rights icon and Georgia Democrat John Lewis, and Hillary for America contest winner Na’ilah Amaru are all currently scheduled to nominate Clinton as the first female presidential nominee put forth by a major political party.  

5 Times Foreign Governments Meddled in US Politics
Trafficking in secrets for political gain is nothing new

The cyberattack that cost embattled Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz her job — just as her party piled into Philadelphia to formally nominate Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee — is just the latest example of foreign interests meddling in U.S. politics.  

Per media reports, the FBI is investigating the dissemination of embarrassing communications by DNC aides that some maintain was perpetrated by Russian agents.  

Clinton, Kaine Paint Presidential Race as Stark Choice
Voters can choose “confidence and hope” or “bigotry and bluster”

ANNANDALE, Va. – Virginia Democrat Tim Kaine rolled out the welcome mat for presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a rally in Northern Virginia, regaling supporters with her list of qualifications in not one, but two languages.  

“Are we ready for Hillary?” he asked a crowd that had endured sweltering temperatures and snaking lines for a chance to hear what the former first lady had to say. Well-wishers filled the surrounding risers, waving homemade signs reading “Clinton Country” and “HRC 45.”  

Former Giffords Staffer Plunges into Craft Distilling
Former chief of staff is co-founder of first woman-owned distillery in D.C. history

Gender politics and gun control issues are still critically important to congressional vet Pia Carusone.  

It just so happens that her bread and butter has shifted from how the sausage is made on Capitol Hill to quenching the insatiable thirst for adult beverages.  

Capitol Police Evacuate Ford Building
Suspicious package later found to be nonthreatening

Capitol Police evacuated staff on Tuesday from the Ford House Office Building over a suspicious package, later deemed nonhazardous.  

Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki said an "object was found in a mechanical room." It was inspected and found not to be a threat. Staff was then allowed back in the building.  

Lead Problems Also Show up in Rayburn House Office Building
Latest testing identifies two restroom sinks with tainted water

Water from two bathroom sinks in the Rayburn House Office Building — located in the personal suites of House members — contains high levels of lead.  

The Rayburn building is the second congressional facility after the Cannon House Office Building where recent tests have detected elevated lead levels.  

DNC Staffer Killed in D.C.
Seth Rich, voter expansion data director, gunned down in own neighborhood

Seth Conrad Rich, a 27-year-old who worked for the Democratic National Committee, died of multiple gunshot wounds in the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW.  

According to police reports, officers from the Fifth District patrolling the Bloomingdale neighborhood heard gunshots at around 4:20 a.m. Sunday and shortly thereafter encountered a “conscious and breathing” Rich.  

Ross Requests Investigation into Murky Capitol Hill Water Scare
Officials must answer for “alarming unresponsiveness” on lead levels

Florida Republican Rep. Dennis A. Ross wants the Office of Compliance to take a hard look at how Stephen T. Ayers, the architect of the Capitol, has handled a health scare precipitated by the detection of lead-contaminated drinking water in the Cannon House Office Building last month.  

In the two weeks since government officials were first warned about the potential health hazard, the actions of the architect of the Capitol have ranged from temporarily disabling a handful of drinking fountains to offering free, voluntary check-ups to worried staffers.  

GOP Lobbyist Backs ‘Free the Delegates’ After Butting Heads with Trump
Convention coup remains last best hope

Lobbyist Jack Burkman Friday is scheduled to open up his Northern Virginia home to what he says is a mounting number of Republican loyalists eager to bankroll a last-minute challenge to presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.  

“You have no idea how many people want to write checks against him,” Burkman said.  

Gary Johnson Fine With Playing Spoiler, Envisions More
“Give us a chance and we will make a difference,” says Libertarian nominee

Gary Johnson, the former Republican governor of New Mexico turned Libertarian Party nominee for president, has no qualms about possibly costing either of the major parties the White House this fall.  

“I will lose no sleep if that is the label given to me,” Johnson assured those gathered at the National Press Club on Thursday when asked about potentially inheriting the “spoiler” mantle from previous third-party challengers Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.  

Blood Tests for House Staffers Concerned About Tainted Water
Elevated lead levels in drinking water at one office building raises questions and prompts some to get screened

At least a half-dozen House staffers showed up Wednesday for the free blood testing being offered to those worried about lead-contaminated drinking water on Capitol Hill.  

The architect of the Capitol arranged for the emergency screenings after days of releasing dribs and drabs of nebulous information about the health scare related to elevated lead levels in the drinking water at the Cannon building.  

Quiz: All Fired Up About Gun Control
GOP blasts the opposition

Congressional Republicans are up in arms about the sit-ins , protests and floor fights that Democrats and like-minded activists have employed to spur action on tougher gun control laws.  

While a floor vote remains a long shot , the vitriol keeps flying.  

Ryan Says Clinton Shouldn't Get Campaign Intel Briefings
House speaker says FBI rebuke makes Clinton ineligible for presidency

While House Speaker Paul D. Ryan still has questions about the FBI investigation that found presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton mishandled sensitive information during her time as secretary of state, one thing is crystal clear to him: Clinton’s carelessness undermines her ability to lead.  

The Wisconsin Republican on Wednesday told reporters that the director of national intelligence should deny Clinton access to classified information moving forward, adding that House leaders will also look into whether they can take action on that.