Rep. Tom Price

Obamacare Agency Escapes Congressional Oversight
New Medicare payment models have real world consequences

Our constitutional system was carefully designed to prevent any one branch from seizing too much control over the entire government. Only Congress can write legislation; only the President can execute the laws; only the courts can judge whether the laws are constitutional.

This balance of powers, however, does not maintain itself. It is a dynamic equilibrium requiring each branch of government to protect and fully exercise its rightful authorities. When one branch encroaches on another, that balance is endangered — and so are the freedoms the separation of powers were intended to protect.

Price: U.S. Health Care Will Be Scarred

Three months ago, President Barack Obama signed into law the signature item of his administration's leftist agenda: a government takeover of health care. Since that day, a steady stream of missteps and sobering reports on how irreparably broken our new health care system will be under the Democrats' massive government scheme has solidified numerous concerns in the minds of most Americans. Namely, Obamacare is a hastily crafted maze of Washington-empowering, government-first policies that will forever scar the quality, affordability and accessibility of health care in this nation.

The health care bill, in its final incarnation, was not something that anyone — not the president, not Congressional Democrats and certainly not the American people — ever imagined would actually become the law of the land. This was the second step in a three-step process (House, Senate, conference) that became the endgame after Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) was elected. The bill was built with special interest carve-outs and individual Member demands that the Democratic leadership in the Senate cobbled together in hopes of getting something, anything out the door before heading home for the holidays in December.