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A Tenacious Governor Aims for Senate

Once Maggie Hassan has a goal in mind, she doesn’t seem to let up.

She lost her first bid for the New Hampshire Senate, but returned two years later and defeated the incumbent who had bested her.

A Tenacious Governor Aims for Senate

Once Maggie Hassan has a goal in mind, she doesn’t seem to let up.

She lost her first bid for the New Hampshire Senate, but returned two years later and defeated the incumbent who had bested her.

On Super Tuesday, Confident Trump Woos Kentucky Crowd

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Republican front-runner Donald Trump, looking to do well in Super Tuesday presidential primaries and beyond, promised to protect issues that voters  say they’re tired of seeing Washington neglect.  

“I’m ready for change, and I think he’s the one who can do it,” said Karen Dohn, 65, as she watched a crowd of a couple of thousand file into Louisville’s International Convention Center on Tuesday.  

There’s Something for Everyone in Neatly Wrapped Education Bill

Christmas could come early for educators and their advocates, with lawmakers hopeful an agreement to fix the No Child Left Behind law could clear Congress by mid-December.

Preschool Suspensions Alarm Appropriators

Mental health consultant Wendy Jones is trying to explain how a 3-year-old child gets expelled from a preschool school class, and it’s taking a long time.

Path Forward on Lynch Nomination Tied to Abortion Language

Senators negotiated Wednesday over how to end a legislative standoff that has stalled votes on an otherwise noncontroversial anti-human trafficking bill as well as the nomination of Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s pick for attorney general.

Portman: Tom Cotton Letter Should Yield Better Iran Deal

The controversial letter signed by 47 Republicans to Iran's leaders authored by Sen. Tom Cotton should yield a better agreement if used properly by the Obama administration, Sen. Rob Portman said Thursday.

Portman, who faces a re-election fight next year in Ohio, said he didn't see the letter as a way to sabotage the talks — quite the opposite.

House Averts Shutdown of DHS for 1 Week

Lawmakers managed Friday to avert a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security by clearing a one-week stopgap funding measure.

Senator on DHS Fight: 'We Need to Get Off Our Press Releases'

In a fiery speech Friday morning, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski slammed House Republicans' latest proposal to fund the Department of Homeland Security with a three-week stopgap measure, saying lawmakers need “to get off [their] press releases.”

Harry Reid Decides to Take Yes for an Answer

Harry Reid decided he could take Mitch McConnell's offer to give him exactly what he wanted after all.  

Reid's decision comes a day after an odd sequence where Majority Leader McConnell of Kentucky offered up a "clean" Homeland Security funding bill shorn of immigration provisions, only to have Minority Leader Reid of Nevada spurn the offer in lieu of a capitulation by Speaker John A. Boehner.  

Durbin: 'Lives Are in the Balance' in ISIS War Authorization

"Lives are in the balance," Sen. Richard J. Durbin told reporters Tuesday on the importance of getting the balance right in a proposed Authorization for Use of Military Force against the Islamic State terror group.  

The No. 2 Democrat spoke at length to reporters after being briefed on the draft resolution presented by President Barack Obama's top aide and counsel during Tuesday's party lunch.  

Senate Democrats' Unity Strategy Will Face Tough Tests

The opening gambit by Senate Democrats on a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security gives a strong signal about how the party intends to handle its position as the minority on the Senate floor.

Democrats Rebuff DHS Bill Over Immigration Provisions

Democrats banded together Tuesday to block the Senate from considering a Homeland Security spending bill, leaving GOP leaders scrambling to find another path forward to challenge the president over immigration.

Keystone Confrontation With White House Looms After Senate Passage

A veto showdown moved closer on Thursday after the Senate passed legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and yank the decision out of President Barack Obama’s hands.

Senate Democrats Filibuster Keystone Bill

With a handful of senators out and Democrats calling for more amendments, GOP leaders were unable to limit debate on a measure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline Monday.

Pipeline Expected to Generate Jobs and Revenue

The Keystone XL pipeline is expected to deliver jobs and tax revenue as it crosses from Canada to the northern border of Kansas, cutting through parts of Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska on the way.

GOP Heads to Joint Retreat With Coordination, Realism on Agenda

With hopes high for the new era of GOP majority control, House and Senate Republicans are headed off the Hill to plot a course for the party’s stymied legislative agenda.

Senator on ISIS War: Congress 'Giving Away' Constitutional Authority to the President

As the House finalizes funding for anti-Islamic State operations, Sens. Tim Kaine, D-Va., and Angus King, I-Maine, hammered the administration on the Senate floor Wednesday for failing to seek a new war authorization, while calling on Congress to debate an authorization before recessing for the holidays.