Rema Rahman

Democrats Delight in GOP Health Care Defeat
Pelosi says party is glad to own 2010 health law

Cheers went out from the Democratic cloakroom Friday when the news broke that Republicans were pulling their health care bill from the floor, and Democrats on the floor chanted “vote! vote!” as the majority lacked the votes opted to pass it. 

The minority party was more subdued at a press conference afterward, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team still delighted in their victory.

Cummings: Nunes Should be Investigated for Trump Revelations
Ranking Democrat on Oversight Committee says intel chairman ‘scuttled’ investigation

Rep. Elijah Cummings suggested on Thursday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes should be investigated for revealing that President Donald Trump’s campaign associates may have been caught up in a surveillance net.

Cummings, D-Md., the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said Nunes, R-Calif., acted inappropriately when he revealed publicly Wednesday that he had reviewed intelligence reports that had “nothing to do with” the Trump campaign or Russia but did show intelligence agencies had collected information about the campaign.

Meadows: Freedom Caucus Open to Changes
White House negotiating with Republicans opposing health bill

By Rema Rahman, Lindsey McPherson and Joe Williams/CQ Roll Call

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Wednesday he and members of the conservative group are open to negotiating changes to a health care bill that is struggling to gain enough votes by Republicans to pass the House.

Conservatives Ask to Start Over on GOP Health Plan
Leadership-crafted legislation remains short of majority

By Rema Rahman and Lindsey McPherson, CQ Roll Call

Conservatives are flexing their muscles in Congress as they get closer to securing the “no” votes that would sink the GOP leadership-crafted bill to repeal and replace the 2010 health care law.

House Intel Seeks Clarity From Comey on Wiretap Claims
Lawmakers want answers on investigation into Russian meddling, surveillence

House Intelligence Committee members are looking for FBI Director James Comey to put an “exclamation point” on Monday to unfounded claims made by President Donald Trump alleging the Republican president was wiretapped by his Democratic predecessor.

The panel will hold its first public hearing on a widespread investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election last year.

White House Rejects Intel Committee Wiretap Conclusions
Press secretary instead lashes out at press


The White House on Thursday blasted the House and Senate Intelligence committees that deduced there was no evidence to support President Donald Trump’s claim that he had been wiretapped by the prior administration at Trump Tower during the election.

Senate Intel Leaders: No Wiretapping at Trump Tower
Lawmakers and House members find no evidence to back Trump’s claim

The top two lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee joined their House counterparts on Thursday to confirm that there is no evidence to back President Donald Trump’s claim that he was under surveillance by the prior administration.

Chairman Richard M. Burr, a North Carolina Republican, and Vice Chairman Mark Warner, a Virginia Democrat, said in a joint statement there were “no indications” to back up Trump’s assertion.

Intel Chairman: No Evidence Trump Tower Wiretapped
Bispartisan lawmakers say there’s no evidence to president’s claim

Top lawmakers on the House Intelligence Committee said Wednesday there is no evidence to back up President Donald Trump’s claim that his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower during the election.

Chairman Devin Nunes, who was part of Trump’s transition team, said he has not learned of any basis to the claim, as the committee conducts an investigation into Russian involvement in U.S. elections and leaks to the public of intelligence information.

Even With Snow, Health Care Rallies Press On
Democrats and Republicans expected at two events on Capitol Hill

Members of Congress are expected to join dueling rallies in Washington this week organized by advocacy groups on opposite ends of the health care debate despite the threat of a late-winter snow storm prompting cancellations on Capitol Hill.

Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer and Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire are scheduled to join the Save My Care event on Tuesday morning during what is projected to be peak hours of the storm.

Pelosi: ‘If Hillary Had Won, I was Ready to Go Home’
Minority Leader said Democratic president would ensure health care left alone

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday that had Hillary Clinton won the presidency, the California Democrat would have left her longtime position in Congress because a Democratic White House would have ensured the 2010 health care law stayed in place.

“If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home,” Pelosi said. “If she were there, then I would not worry about that.” 

Despite Conservative Unrest, Ryan Steadfast on Health Effort
House speaker confident bill will pass despite GOP reservations


House Speaker Paul D. Ryan remained confident Wednesday that a repeal and replace health care bill in its current form would get enough votes to pass Congress despite some conservatives who flatly said the bill does not have the 218 votes needed to pass.

House Moves on Obamacare, Spending Bills While Senate Waits
The Senate will be focused on undoing Obama-era regulations


The public will get its first look at House Republicans’ bill to repeal and partially replace the 2010 health care law likely early this week, but timing on committee markups of the legislation is unclear. 

Lawmakers Hunt Around the Capitol for Obamacare Repeal Bill
Several members searched the building Thursday for legislation they say is being kept out of public eye

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle went on an unsuccessful hunt around the Capitol on Thursday to find a bill that aims to repeal and replace the 2010 health care law, with one congressman calling the need for such a probe "extremely bizarre."

Sen. Rand Paul, armed with a copy machine, crisscrossed chambers to a Capitol office room in the House guarded by an armed police officer asking to see the bill. After he was denied entry, Paul criticized House leaders for not being more transparent.

Roll Call’s View of the Senate Procession to Trump’s Address

Roll Call reporters Alex Gangitano and Rema Rahman were in the Capitol as members of Congress flooded through Statuary Hall to see President Donald Trump’s first address to a joint session of Congress. Here’s what they saw....
Nunes Dismissive of Trump-Russia Connections
But House Intelligence chairman says investigation will continue

The top lawmaker on the House Intelligence Committee said Monday he had no evidence of President Donald Trump’s advisers communicating with Russian officials during the transition period but his panel would continue to investigate the matter.

Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said he didn’t rule out the possibility of it surfacing in the future.

Congress Split on How to Proceed on Flynn
House, Senate lawmakers differ on probe of former national security adviser

Lawmakers who oversee intelligence are struggling with how to investigate reports that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had inappropriate contact with Russian officials and later misled the White House about it.

The top Republican and Democrat on the House Select Intelligence Committee offered dueling perspectives on a path forward on their panel’s probe; Senate Democrats coalesced around a plan with the Intelligence Committee taking the lead, something their GOP colleagues support; Senate Democrats also said the Judiciary Committee could play an investigatory role, and some lawmakers are still sending signals they want an independent commission in on the action.

Ethics Office Asks White House to Probe Kellyanne Conway
Request comes after House Oversight leaders point out possible violation

The Office of Government Ethics is recommending the White House investigate and take disciplinary action against Kellyanne Conway, the president’s special counselor who touted his daughter’s clothing line during a TV appearance from the White House.

In a letter to President Donald Trump’s deputy counsel, OGE Director Walter Shaub Jr. said “there is strong reason to believe” Conway violated standards of conduct that prevent employees from misusing their official positions.

House Democrats’ ‘All of the Above’ Approach
A party seeking unity pursues multiple paths to success

BALTIMORE — House Democratic leaders say their caucus is united, but even a minimal survey of lawmakers indicates skepticism of the messaging, an unclear path on strategy, and merely the beginning of grappling with what went wrong in an election that left them in the minority six years running.

“The mood of the members is very positive, open, confident, humble enough to listen to other ideas,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at the Democrats’ issues retreat here. “There’s a real, deep commitment to working families in our country and that’s what unifies us.”

The Loneliness of the DCCC Recruiter
Four open seats this year don’t provide much opportunity

BALTIMORE — The head recruiter for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has four open seats he needs candidates for. But in an illustration of the challenges Democrats face in clawing their way back to the majority, all four vacancies are in heavily Republican districts.

At a panel here Thursday during the minority party’s issues retreat, Rep. Denny Heck of Washington, who chairs the DCCC’s Recruitment committee, said he would remain realistic, but optimistic, about the potential for Democrats to fill the positions long held by the opposing party. The four seats are the ones held by Republicans picked to serve in the administration of President Donald Trump.

Democrats Ride Trump-Opposition Wave
Caucus spoils for a fight, presses on Russia probe

BALTIMORE – House Democrats arrived here for their annual issues retreat vowing to unite in their opposition of President Donald Trump -- with “fight” being the operative word in their strategy.

Democratic leaders focused their first public appearance on slamming just about every decision Trump has made since taking office Jan. 20. It included criticisms of a travel ban on citizens from several Muslim-majority countries, matters of foreign policy and promises to gut the  Affordable Care Act.