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A Quick Look: Immigration Reform in Washington
A timeline dating back to 2001 will get you up to speed on the issue

Immigration policy has been a dominant topic on both convention stages these past two weeks. But what are the specific policy initiatives that are being debated?  

CQ Roll Call has a brief recap of what's happened to immigration policy on the House and Senate chamber floors in recent years.  

The State of the Economy Is...

By many indications, the country's condition continues to improve. Gas prices are down. So is the unemployment rate. But other aspects are lagging. Wage growth, in particular, remains stubbornly low....
Chart: How the GOP Fared in the Past 6 Presidential Elections
Republican stronghold states are more loyal than Democratic ones

With the Republican National Convention days away, Election Day isn't far behind.  

A Roll Call analysis of the GOP presidential vote percentage in general elections dating back to 1992 shows Republicans with many loyal states. However, Utah — the most Republican state in 2012 with 73 percent of the vote — is possibly in jeopardy this year because Mormon voters aren't embracing presumptive nominee Donald Trump .  

Puerto Rico's Economic Crisis in One Chart
The territory faces another default on a debt payment on July 1

Facing a $72 billion public debt, Puerto Rico defaulted on a $422 million payment last month, stoking fears that the commonwealth's fiscal situation needs drastic intervention. As the territory is facing a $2 billion payment due July 1, Congress is considering a measure to allow Puerto Rico to restructure its debt under the purview of a mediation board or in federal court.  

Many Americans are unaware the territory is part of the U.S. — this is how Puerto Rico compares to the states.  

Trump and Cruz Scramble for Remaining Delegates
Ohio, Florida, Illinois join others at the polls

One quarter of the remaining delegates are at stake tonight in the race to the Republican nomination. As Ohio, Florida, Illinois and more head to the polls, here's where the candidates stand, and what's next in the few months left.  

Super Tuesday Vote Closer Than it Appeared

The most important result from Super Tuesday was not whether a candidate won a state, but by how much he or she won.  

Political watchers are hailing Donald Trump's seven first-place finishes on the biggest day of the primary season so far as a clear victory for the Republican front-runner. But the winner of a state carries less significance in the race for delegates at this point in the campaign, with the GOP's winner-take-all system not kicking in until March 15.  

Parsing Obama’s Words Over 8 Addresses to Congress

Delivering his final State of the Union address Tuesday, President Barack Obama relied on key phrases and terms that dominate his previous addresses to Congress.  

Obama’s dependence on certain words, however, has changed over the years. When he first addressed Congress as president in 2009, he mentioned terms such as “government,” “tax” and “budget” 59 times. On Tuesday, such terms were used just nine times.  

Speaker Ryan’s Staff: Where Have They Been?

Updated 6:02 p.m. | Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s initial staff is a mix of longtime confidants of the Wisconsin Republican, experienced Washington lobbyists and a contingent of former Speaker John A. Boehner’s aides.  

A CQ Roll Call analysis of the work experience of the 22 staffers confirmed as part of the new speaker’s team shows many have spent considerable time in other congressional offices. There’s a cumulative 48 years with former Speaker John A. Boehner during his 24-year tenure on Capitol Hill. The staffers have accumulated 38 years working with Ryan.  

Hill Staff Predict Rubio Will Be GOP Nominee

While nationwide polls have consistently shown Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading the pack of Republicans seeking the party's nomination for the White House in 2016, a  CQ Roll Call survey  shows congressional staff members say the eventual nominee will be a current lawmaker — Sen.  Marco Rubio , R-Fla.


Maker of Costly Drug Spent Heavily on Hospitality for Doctors

Gilead Sciences Inc., the maker of the costly Sovaldi hepatitis C pill that has attracted congressional scrutiny, bought doctors about $3.6 million worth of food and drink last year, according to a CQ Roll Call analysis of a federal database that tracks how much drug and medical device companies spend on physicians and hospitals.

Marco Rubio: The CQ Biography

Young, telegenic and Hispanic, Marco Rubio was talked about as a future presidential candidate within days of his election to the Senate in 2010. That buzz has died down over the past four years, as have Rubio’s ties to the tea party movement, but his entry into the 2016 race for the White House puts him into the top tier of Republican contenders.  

The son of Cuban immigrants and a popular figure in the crucial swing state of Florida, Rubio presents himself as a hard-working fiscal conservative with plenty of government experience — he spent most of his 30s in the state House, departing after two years as speaker. He was vetted as a possible running mate to Mitt Romney in 2012, and shortly after the election, polls of Republicans showed Rubio as the favorite possible GOP presidential nominee for 2016.  

Oil Producers Plan for Open Crude Exports by 2020

Industry representatives and key lawmakers plan market studies, polls of Americans’ views and incremental moves on exports to sway public opinion in favor of allowing crude oil exports.

Energy Department Slow to Take On New Tech

While industry seeks to move forward with nuclear technology, the Energy Department has been reluctant to embrace what it sees as another potential boondoggle.

Lawmakers, Industry Look to Expand Nuclear Energy Options

In a world of low oil prices and cheap natural gas, the prospects of developing new nuclear technology seem to remain ever in the future, beyond market and regulatory barriers.

Mexican Government Faces Pushback to Changes in Energy Investment, Policies

While many observers have praised Mexico’s move to privatize its energy sector, not everyone has embraced the changes.

Natural Gas Exports to Mexico Are On the Rise

While pressure to expedite U.S. government approval of liquefied natural gas exports continues, capacity to send natural gas to Mexico just expanded.

EPA's Ozone Proposals May Test Opposition's Solidarity

The EPA’s proposed ozone restrictions would affect about a dozen states if the agency adopts the most modest end of the range it’s considering and extend to more than 30 states if it opts for the more stringent requirements.

China Is a Big Variable in the LNG Market

While Asian markets for liquefied natural gas are expected to grow, with increased shipments to Southeast Asia and India, future demand in China is highly variable, according to market analysts.

U.S. Natural Gas Exports Could Change Market

Some members of Congress continue to push for increased exports of liquefied natural gas, trying to make a simplified narrative out of complex market factors.

Finding a Destination for Condensate Exports

As the Commerce Department moves to allow companies to export mildly processed ultralight oil known as condensate, is there a global market? Yes, and it is principally in Asia, experts say.