Adam Levin

Through The Prism Of Suffering
Smithsonian exhibit paints an enlightening portrait of Civil War-era art and photography

War and its horrors have long been a powerful muse for some of history’s most influential painters and photographers. One needs only to think of Pablo Picasso’s 1937 masterpiece “Guernica,” with its nightmarish depiction of the destruction of the titular Basque town by German bombers, or Henri Huet’s daring Vietnam War frames for an instant reminder of war’s iconic imagery.

But while crowds still flock to Madrid’s Reina Sofia Museum for a glimpse of “Guernica,” a new exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum is aiming to shed light on the artists who worked during another seismic conflict: the American Civil War.

The Art of the Game

When most people think of the great modern artists, a few names tend to come to mind. Certainly Pablo Picasso, with his disjointed figures and intense colors. Most likely Jackson Pollock, if you’re of a more abstract mindset. Maybe Andy Warhol for the more avant-garde contingent.

But Hideo Kojima? Probably not so much.

Rap, Hill Share Turbulent Past

When Jay-Z and Kanye West perform in Washington tonight, it will be an interesting collaboration not just musically, but also politically.

The two hip-hop superstars have very different reputations in D.C.

Culture Clash: A Look at Rap’s Relationship With Hill

Hip-hop has a strange — and sometimes strained — relationship with official Washington. Here are just a few examples: