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Women’s Group Takes ‘Cold Comfort’ in Helping Dem Women on Tough Night

File this under the department of the glass being half full.

EMILY’s List, the pro-abortion-rights group that works to elect Democratic women, has released a post-election memo pointing out a few achievements despite a bad night for Democrats overall.

GOP Strategy Targeted 2010 for Realignment
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GOP House Gains Eclipse 1994

<b>3:06 a.m.</b>

By 3 a.m., the 2010 Republican wave had successfully erased all Democratic House gains from the 2006 and 2008 cycles, and the GOP was still picking up seats.

Gains by House GOP Eclipse 1994 Takeover
1:30 a.m. 11:53 p.m. 11:27 p.m. 10:24 p.m. 9:17 p.m. 8:19 p.m. 7:18 p.m. Anna Palmer and Daniel Newhauser contributed to this report. ...
Change Bites Back for Democrats
John Stanton, Jackie Kucinich and David M. Drucker contributed to this report. ...
Change Bites Back for Democrats

It's been just 1,397 days since Democrats took the reins of power on Capitol Hill, but in a single day, they could see it come to an end.

Today's midterm elections promise to bring about a historic power shift on Capitol Hill for the third time in as many cycles. With such a volatile electorate throwing power in Washington back and forth, by Wednesday the question could turn to how long the latest change will last and whether 'wave' elections will become the norm as voters continue to seek instant political transformation from their leaders.

Change Bites Back for Democrats
John Stanton, Jackie Kucinich and David M. Drucker contributed to this report. ...
Parties Look for Wave Surprises

The National Republican Congressional Committee and conservative third-party groups such as American Crossroads are working feverishly to capitalize on the new opportunities of a rapidly expanding playing field ahead of what is expected to be a good night for the GOP on Tuesday.

As one GOP strategist put it Wednesday, “the more ships we have on the water when the wind is blowing our way, the more that are going to come ashore.”

Obama to Lead Rally for Perriello
President Barack Obama will headline a campaign rally Friday for Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello in his battleground 5th district, according to a Democratic source. The event will take place in the Virginia Democrat's hometown of Charlottesville, which is one of the few liberal bastions in what is otherwise a conservative rural district. Obama took 48 percent of the vote in the 5th district in 2008, but Perriello has voted for all of the president's signature issues. In an interview with...
Judge: No Ruling on Austin Scott's Divorce Records Until December
A Georgia judge has decided to delay ruling on whether to unseal state Rep. Austin Scott's decade-old divorce records until after next week's election. The decision by Judge Bill Reinhardt to wait until Dec. 6 to make his ruling comes as a blow to some Democratic insiders, who thought the details of the Georgia Republican's divorce might be a late game-changer in Rep. Jim Marshall's battle to hold on to his 8th district seat. Earlier this month, a Democratic activist filed ...
Capitol Police Chief Nabs Suspect, Says ‘Got Lucky'

Capitol Police Chief Phillip Morse proved Tuesday that he's not opposed to getting his hands dirty.

While out on routine patrol, Morse noticed a suspect that matched the description of a woman who had attempted to rob another woman at knife point Tuesday morning near Union Station. The chief pulled over his cruiser near the intersection of North Capitol Street and Massachusetts Avenue, confronted the suspect and subdued her until backup arrived.

Perriello Says 24-Hour Trip Not a Gimmick

SOUTH BOSTON, Va. — Besides nearly hitting a deer on the road outside Rocky Mount, running a red light in Martinsville and being tailed by Republican trackers in Danville and South Boston, the first nine hours of Rep. Tom Perriello's 24-hour campaign blitz across Virginia's 5th district Monday went according to plan.

The Democrat started the push at midnight with a group of students at Ferrum College, not far from the North Carolina border. The embattled freshman — atop the list of GOP targets on Election Day — had already made a dozen stops and shaken scores of hands by 9:30 a.m., when he climbed into Eugene Villines' chair at the Elite Barber Shop in South Boston for a quick trim.

GOTV Barnstorming Kicks Into High Gear for Final Push
With early voting under way in 30 states this week, get-out-the-vote efforts by both parties are kicking into gear with high-profile surrogates barnstorming the country to try to motivate their voters. Naturally, the hottest races are seeing the most visits, with Democrats' power in both chambers on the line. On Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) is scheduled to tour the Las Vegas area with a pair of House colleagues as he fights in perhaps the most high-profile Senate contest o...
Pelosi Bemoans ‘Secret Money From God Knows Where'
Before introducing President Barack Obama at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser in Minneapolis on Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi bemoaned the massive amount of money that shadowy conservative third-party groups have poured into this year's election. "Everything was going great and all of a sudden secret money from God knows where — because they won't disclose it — is pouring in," the California Democrat told about 100 donors at the fundrai...
NRCC's Million-Dollar Race List Expands to 12
The National Republican Congressional Committee has now spent more than $1 million in a dozen races, after reporting a one-day spending blitz of just under $10 million. Prior to the latest independent expenditure reports, filed late Friday with the Federal Election Commission, the NRCC had surpassed the million-dollar mark in just two races. The latest reports show the NRCC's IE arm is now spending in 63 races around the country while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee'...
Palin Goes After Frank as ‘Ethically-Challenged Liberal Icon'
Among the trio of Republican House candidates former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) endorsed on Thursday was businessman Sean Bielat, who is challenging Rep. Barney Frank (D) in Massachusetts' 4th district. Due to his hefty campaign war chest and the Democratic leanings of his suburban district, Frank hasn't had a serious Republican challenge in decades. But given the political environment that has tilted heavily in favor of Republicans, Bielat is mounting a competitive underdog campaign...
Poll: Kratovil Down by 11 in Maryland
With two weeks to go before Election Day, freshman Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-Md.) must overcome a double-digit deficit if he wants to see a second term, according to a new Monmouth University poll released Thursday. The Monmouth survey, which was in the field Oct. 16-19, showed Republican state Sen. Andy Harris ahead 53 percent to 42 percent, with 5 percent undecided. The poll of 637 likely voters had a 3.9-point margin of error. In their 2008 race, Kratovil earned a narrow victory against Harris...
Van Hollen: Despite Outside Spending, Democrats Will Hold House
At times during his breakfast question-and-answer session Thursday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) seemed to be laying the groundwork for explaining a GOP wave on Election Day. Not that Van Hollen admitted that Democrats would lose the House in 12 days. At the Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Van Hollen repeatedly stated his belief that Democrats would retain the majority in the next Congress. But the man who carries perhaps the biggest burden o...
Van Hollen: Pelosi Will Remain Speaker

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen expressed confidence Thursday morning that Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would remain Speaker next year, despite a bleak electoral outlook for Democrats and growing unrest about the party's top leadership in the House.

'We're confident we're going to maintain the majority and I'm confident Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker of the House,' the Maryland Democrat said at a Thursday breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.