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Hispanic Caucus Members Turned Away From ICE Meeting
Numbers limited for bipartisan meeting, so lawmakers barred at door

House Democrats left a bipartisan meeting Thursday with the head of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement baffled — not just by what they heard but by the fact that some of their colleagues were not allowed to attend the meeting.

ICE Acting Director Thomas D. Homan met with a bipartisan group of House lawmakers for about an hour Thursday to discuss the agency’s recent raids that have led to the apprehension of at least 683 undocumented immigrants. That was the number ICE provided during the meeting, but Democrats contend the number is actually higher.

DCCC Announces Vice Chairmen
Party hopes members will help make inroads to majority

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Thursday announced the election of its five new regional vice chairmen, completing a months-long process of the House Democrats’ expansion of their leadership circle to include more perspectives after the 2016 election disappointment.

Some Democrats have pointed to the DCCC as one of the reasons the party’s messaging last year failed to win them as many House seats as they had been projecting. They’ve said the campaign arm did not do enough to reach voters in middle America, particularly Rust Belt areas where jobs are a primary concern. 

Emerging GOP Plan Would Replace Parts of Obamacare as It’s Repealed
Ryan, Walden, Brady present plan that includes provisions that are controversial among some Republicans

Developing House Republican legislation to repeal the 2010 health care law would also include replacement provisions that are controversial among the GOP rank and file, like a refundable tax credit to help individuals purchase insurance and a plan for dealing with Medicaid expansion.

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden, and Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady on Thursday presented to the House Republican Conference their vision for a “repeal plus” bill that would undo most of the health care law and set up some pieces of a yet undeveloped Republican replacement. 

Conservatives Rally Around Their Own Health Care Plan
Obamacare replacement plan might make GOP consensus more difficult

Conservative Republicans on Wednesday staked out their position on a proposed replacement to the 2010 health care law. But their views are likely to muddle the path toward GOP consensus.

The House Freedom Caucus endorsed legislation authored by one of its members, Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

House and Senate Preview: Pouncing on Regulations, Obamacare and Considering the Cabinet

Roll Call reporters Lindsey McPherson and Bridget Bowman preview the week ahead in the House and Senate. With Republicans in the House working to further scale back Obama-era regulations through the Congressional Review Act and Senate Democrats continuing their fights against several Trump administration Cabinet appointees, this last week in session before the Presidents Day recess will be a busy one. See the video for more....
Democrats Back #LetLizSpeak Campaign
Warren's colleagues show they can use Twitter, too

Democrats are taking up the #LetLizSpeak Twitter campaign backing Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her floor speech against attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions that Republicans cut off Tuesday night. 

Warren was reading a letter the late Coretta Scott King wrote to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 opposing Sessions’ confirmation to be a federal district court judge as well as quoting statements from the late Sen. Edward Kennedy from that time. King’s letter said, among other thing, “Sessions has used the awesome powers of his office in a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters.”

Tim Ryan Supporters Move Up After Criticizing Leadership
Members see few, if any, repercussions from speaking out against Pelosi

A little more than two months ago, 63 House Democrats voted for a change at the top of their leadership structure. Now, in an unexpected turn of events, some of the most vocal critics of the existing power system are in new leadership positions of their own. 

Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan, who challenged House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for her post, is now the ranking member of the House Legislative Branch Appropriations Subcommittee, a position that gives him oversight of Congress’ internal spending, including money spent on leadership offices and members’ salaries, as well as Capitol Police.

House and Senate Preview: Off to Baltimore While Senate Confirmation Battles Loom

Roll Call reporters Lindsey McPherson and Niels Lesniewski lay out what’s on the schedule in the House and Senate this week, with just a few days in session before House Democrats head off to Baltimore for their legislative retreat. Find out where the Education secretary confirmation fight stands and more....
Keeping an Eye on LGBT Actions
Sean Patrick Maloney is 'watching' to see what's next

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney has a message for President Donald Trump regarding reports that the administration plans to issue a sweeping executive order on religious freedom that would allow discrimination against the LGBT community: “We’re watching.”

The New York Democrat, one of the few openly gay members of Congress, has been a champion for LGBT protections. Last year he led the charge in the House to block GOP attempts that targeted Obama-era regulations protecting LGBT.

House Rules Committee Hearings to Flirt With Earmarks
Focus will be on pros, cons of control of pursestrings

The Republican-led House is being somewhat overshadowed by the nomination fights engulfing its Senate counterpart. But on the GOP side of the aisle, one of the issues that will start heating up in the coming weeks is the debate about bringing back earmarks.

The House Rules Committee will hold a series of hearings before making a decision about whether and how to soften the current earmark ban.

New Democrats Want a Piece of the Policy Pie
Coalition arranges task forces around top issues

Republicans are in control of Congress, but the House’s New Democrat Coalition does not plan to sit by and let the GOP generate all the policy ideas on issues like taxes, infrastructure and cybersecurity. 

In continuing with their effort to be leaders on policy issues and find potential areas of bipartisan compromise, the New Democrats are launching new task forces designed to generate policy solutions for issues on the GOP’s congressional agenda, as well as policy areas that may not get as much traction in a Republican-controlled Congress, Rep. Derek Kilmer, the coalition’s vice chairman of policy, told Roll Call.

Conservatives: Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Republicans look to avoid earmark reinstatement once and for all

Conservative lawmakers banded together Tuesday to send a message to their Republican colleagues: Don’t bring back earmarks.

“If you start going down this road, you will lose the House of Representatives,” Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis said at an anti-earmark event hosted by the Republican Study Committee.

Democrats Take to House Floor to Protest Immigration Ban
Members sought to block funding

Democrats took to the House floor Tuesday to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven majority Muslim countries.

Members lined up to offer separate unanimous consent requests to bring up a bill (H.R. 724) that would prohibit federal funds from being used to carry out Trump’s executive order. The requests were denied because Republicans would not yield debate time on the environmental bill they were considering to address the UC requests.

Conservatives Want Border Wall Cost Offset
Freedom Caucus throws wrench into fast-tracking wall

Congress should pay for the cost of President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico, House conservatives said Tuesday, presenting an issue for GOP leaders who have signaled they may not offset a supplemental appropriations measure to fund the wall.

“We will need to find funding for that wall and that will have to come from offsets,” House Freedom Caucus founding member Raul Labrador said during a Tuesday press event with conservative members of the House.

Stivers to Tighten NRCC Budget and Cap Salaries
National Republican Congressional Committee Chair Redirects Resources

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Steve Stivers announced during a House GOP conference meeting Tuesday morning that he plans to implement a 10 percent across the board cut to operating costs and a staff salary cap at the NRCC, a source close to him told Roll Call.

The cut is designed to ensure as many of the NRCC’s resources go to members and races where they’re needed, the source said.

Democrats Take Protests to High Court
Rally against Trump travel ban picks up where weekend left off

House Democrats continued their protests of President Donald Trump’s recent executive order on immigration on Monday evening, marching down the East Front Capitol steps holding candles and singing “This Land Is Your Land,” heading to the Supreme Court to rally against the executive action.

“This cannot be the America that we know,” said California Rep. Judy Chu, one of several lawmakers who spoke during the demonstration.

Is Trump Taking Policy Cues From Paul Ryan?
Nod to tax proposal just latest in series of shifts

PHILADELPHIA — In a few short months, Donald Trump has shifted from a candidate who considered Speaker Paul D. Ryan a “very weak and ineffective leader” to a president who seems to be leaning on him to beef up his policy agenda.

A sign of that evolution came Thursday when Trump, speaking before congressional Republicans at their issues retreat here, embraced Ryan’s “border adjustment” proposal to tax U.S. imports instead of exports as a way to pay for his border wall.

Who’s Going to Pay for the Wall? Congress!
Ryan, McConnell are noncommittal on how to pay for border wall

PHILADELPHIA — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan expects President Donald Trump to submit a roughly $15 billion supplemental appropriations request to pay for his border wall, but neither Ryan nor Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would detail whether the cost will be offset by spending cuts or paid for with deficit spending, nor whether Mexico would ultimately pay for it, as Trump promised repeatedly during the 2016 campaign.

“As far as the offset, we’re going to wait for the administration and see what their supplemental looks like,” Ryan said at a media availability with McConnell on Thursday at the GOP’s issues retreat here.

Ryan Lays Out Ambitious 200-Day Congressional Agenda
Health care and tax overhauls slated to be done by August per GOP plan

PHILADELPHIA — House Speaker Paul D. Ryan is laying out an aggressive 200-day agenda that will have Congress rolling back regulations, repealing and replacing the 2010 health care law, funding a border wall, rewriting the tax code, expanding the veterans’ choice program, advancing an infrastructure package and avoiding a debt default — all before the August recess. 

“It’s the president and his administration working hand and glove with the speaker and the majority leader,” New York Rep. Chris Collins told reporters after Ryan’s presentation at the start of the GOP retreat here on Wednesday. “It’s going to be hard. We’re going to be doing controversial things. The speaker’s message was, ‘None of this is going to be easy, and we’re going to be attacked by somebody regardless of what we do, so let’s buckle our seat belts and understand we have an obligation here.’”

Walker Wants GOP to Lead on Criminal Justice, Immigration
Head of Republican Study Committee says new approach warranted

Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker wants Republicans to take the lead on issues where they’ve been timid in the past, like overhauling the criminal justice and immigration systems.

“There are communities that are hurting, that are suffering,” the North Carolina Republican told a group of reporters Monday. “And that should be important to both parties, to all the parties.”