Janie Lorber

Obama Likes the Ladies

Presidents have to make a lot of choices. And today, at least, President Barack Obama is choosing the ladies over the kids.

Obama plans to spend this afternoon wooing deep-pocketed women at a fundraiser put on by the Women’s Leadership Forum — even if that means snubbing an invitation to attend a science and technology festival filled with children that is being held today in the same building.

Whose First Rodeo?

There appears to be some horsing around at the American Continental Group.

The Washington lobby shop reported a new client Wednesday, the National Horsemen’s Association, a group that sells insurance to folks who run rodeos. Should a rodeo spectator get kicked in the face, NHA is there.

Driving ABI to Drink

The American Beverage Institute is against drunken driving. But buzzed driving? Well ... that’s another story.

The trade association, which is one wee part of unregistered super lobbyist Richard Berman’s empire of corporate-backed nonprofits, is afraid that legislation aimed at encouraging the use of anti-drunken-driving technology will turn restaurant-goers into teetotalers.

Michigan: Facing Stiff Challenge, Strong 3rd Quarter for Benishek Coffers

If freshman Republican Rep. Dan Benishek is losing his grasp on Michigan’s 1st district, his campaign coffers don’t show it.

His campaign announced its best fundraising quarter ever today, raising a total of $510,000 from July 1 to Sept. 30 to close the period with more than $570,000 in cash on hand.

Barack Obama Continues to Win With Text Message Donors

President Barack Obama appears to have raised upward of $1 million from text message donations this cycle.

Financial reports for the first 17 days of October show that his campaign paid $39,514 in fees to m-Qube Group’s payvia mobile payment service, which manages text-to-donate programs for both presidential campaigns. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney paid the firm nothing in the same time frame.

Time-Traveling Tea Party

FreedomWorks is trying to turn back time.

The conservative advocacy group sent a letter to Speaker John A. Boehner last week, lambasting him for ousting four tea-party-aligned lawmakers from powerful committees.

Voice Mail Greeting Doubles as Biden Time Machine

Vice President Joseph Biden's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination lives on.

Just call Sam Spencer, a former Biden campaign staffer, who has had the vice president’s voice on his cellphone voice mail for almost six years.

Book Sense

Forget legislating a redistribution of wealth. Sen. Bernie Sanders is doing some of it on his own.

The Vermont Independent has given almost $23,000 in royalties from a book chronicling his famous 8.5-hour filibuster to a family support group in his state.

Enough, Already!

Democrats get ready! Local tea party folks plan to greet those attending the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., with some serious political verbiage — at least the ones arriving via the highway. “When the DNC arrives, we will have an impact,” Yadkin Valley Tea Party activist Mark Hager pledges.

The billboards feature an American flag and a vicious-looking bald eagle dramatically screaming: “Reclaim America. Vote: Enough!”

Pressure Points: The Sequester and Medicare Reimbursements

A labor group representing hospital workers is appealing to members of Congress and staffers to mitigate the effects of sequester cuts on Medicare hospital reimbursements.

The Campaign

Organizing for America Plans 'National Day of Action' to Mobilize Grass Roots on Guns

Organizing for Action is planning its first official mobilization in support of President Barack Obama’s proposals to curtail gun violence.

The nonprofit that inherited Obama’s campaign infrastructure and 2 million strong volunteer army will hold a “national day of action” on Feb. 22, officials said Tuesday.

Abortion Rights Group Strives for Youthful Image

One of the nation’s most prominent abortion rights groups is working to remake its image in response to concern that it may be overtaken by a growing cadre of young anti-abortion activists.

Its message: This is not your mother’s NARAL.

Former IRS Official Accuses ALEC of Lying About Assets

The former head of the IRS’ Exempt Organizations division accused the conservative nonprofit American Legislative Exchange Council of lying about its assets in its federal tax filings in a letter sent to the agency Wednesday.

Marcus Owens, a lawyer at Caplin & Drysdale who for a decade directed the IRS division responsible for approving organizations’ charity statuses, said ALEC made conflicting statements to federal and state regulators in an attempt to maintain its status as a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit. A copy of the letter was obtained by Roll Call.

Obama’s Campaign Quick to Capitalize on Text-to-Donate Option

President Barack Obama appears to have wildly outraised his Republican opponent among text message donors, capitalizing on the newly approved digital fundraising option.

Last month, Obama’s campaign reported paying $84,655 in fees to m-Qube Group’s payvia mobile payment service, which manages text-to-donate programs for both presidential campaigns. Mitt Romney’s campaign paid just $1,152, Federal Election Commission records show. The fees — a percentage of the total amount raised via text — suggest that Obama outdid the former Massachusetts governor by a more than 500-to-1 ratio among texting donors.

U.S. Chamber Spending on Lobbying Continues at Rapid Clip

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent $31.65 million on lobbying during the third quarter of 2012, maintaining a record pace during the current cycle, according to the latest Lobbying Disclosure Act filings.

So far this year, the business lobby has spent nearly $75 million on advocacy and voter education. The tally dwarfs what the group has spent in past election years, a reflection of the group’s ambition to play a much bigger role this year. Third-quarter lobbying reports are due by midnight tonight.

Conservative Nonprofit Dispatches Volunteers to Canvass Battleground States

Americans for Prosperity is busing hundreds of out-of-state conservative activists to the country’s most contested political battlegrounds.

This weekend, the powerful nonprofit, founded and funded by billionaire David Koch, is sending 160 Oklahoma activists to help mobilize voters in Colorado. Meanwhile, 180 canvassers from Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oregon and California will converge on Nevada, another key swing state in the presidential race.

Liberal Groups Protest U.S. Chamber's Election Spending

A coalition of liberal groups opposed to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s election spending took their cause to the big-business lobby’s front yard today.

In a Lafayette Square news conference that doubled as a mock 100th birthday party for the chamber, activists called on the group to disclose the corporations funding its political activities. The chamber has spent nearly $24 million trying to influence races this cycle, almost exclusively in support of Republicans, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics. The trade organization is not required by law to disclose any of its supporters.

‘Binders Full of Women’ Illustrates Memes’ Power

By now, Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” have been opened, parsed and closed.

But what happened in the hours after the former Massachusetts governor inadvertently spawned an online sensation in describing his efforts to hire women for his Cabinet may forever be seared in the minds of Web-savvy political strategists.

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Has a Few Suggestions for Tonight’s Debate

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson won’t be onstage tonight, but he has a few questions for the guys who will.

The former Republican governor of New Mexico wasn’t among the undecided voters chosen to attend the town hall debate between President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney either, so Roll Call will summarize them here: