Rep. Derek Kilmer

Shutdowns Seem Normal Now. We’re Frustrated Too
Our joint panel is trying to fix Congress’ broken budget process — please take it seriously

OPINION — The American people have told us time and again — in the grocery store, at town halls, and through phone calls and emails — that they have lost faith in Congress’ ability to get things done. We share their frustration.

Over the past few years, Congress has routinely shirked some of its most basic responsibilities, including funding the government through a functioning budget process. Too often, Congress has defaulted to the politics of shutdowns and continuing resolutions, having a negative impact on all Americans. Both chambers have become so acquainted with it that it has become the norm.

Reauthorize America COMPETES Act With Full Funding for R&D | Commentary

Before his death, Steve Jobs gave America a good reminder. “Innovation,” he said, “distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”

If America is going to be a leader in the 21st-century economy, we need to raise our game. We can do so by enacting an agenda to provide more consistent funding for research and development, expanding resources for our entrepreneurs and tech startups, building on successful public-private partnerships with our leading research institutions, and investing in science, technology, engineering and math education.