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Capitol Hill Might Dodge Florence Direct Hit, But Watch for Flooding

After days of uncertainty, it appears Hurricane Florence is steering clear of the Washington, D.C. metro area. But Roll Call reporter Katherine Tully-McManus warns lawmakers, staffers and the public to brace for rain, and perhaps flooding in the usual spots (we're looking at you, Cannon Tunnel) on Capitol Hill....
Gottheimer Wishes DC Had More Diners Like New Jersey’s

New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer brought Roll Call politics reporter Simone Pathé to Jimmy T’s diner a few blocks from the Capitol, heralding the hole-in-the-wall eatery as reminiscent of the many diners in his home state.

“There’s nothing obnoxious and fancy, or stuffy, about a diner,” Gottheimer said, comparing the unpretentious air of a diner to what he calls "New Jersey values."

Trump's 3 Legislative Priorities Before the Midterm Vote
Penn Ave Report — connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

The short list of White House legislative goals doesn't include any big-ticket items like immigration reform or tax cuts. But the real wild card is President Donald Trump's wavering stance on whether or not he will shut down the government — by not signing a spending package — if he doesn't get more money for the U.S.-Mexico border wall. ...
Beer. The Answer to All of Congress’ Problems?

It’s Friday, it’s been a long week on the Hill and some of you may be thinking about beer. Well, on Wednesday, Congress was thinking all about beer. Here’s Roll Call’s dispatch from the second annual home brew event where lawmakers, yes, showed off brews with flavors from their districts....
12 Ratings Changes: Democrats Could Gain Up to 8 Governor Seats in 2018
Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales — an authoritative look at where things stand for 2018

Roll Call elections analyst Nathan L. Gonzales has a dozen updates to his ratings for the 36 gubernatorial seats up for election this midterm. Eight of his recent shifts favor Democrats, who are poised to make gains that could be crucial ahead of the 2020 census count and ensuing redistricting fights.

Below are all the ratings changes. You can also explore the map at Roll Call's 2018 Election Guide:

Democratic Delays, 2020 Hopefuls and Don't Forget About the Issues: What We're Watching at Kavanaugh's Hearing
Penn Ave Report — connecting Congress and the White House, at the intersection of politics

White House correspondent John T. Bennett says Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will try to slow down the hearing on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court as much as they can — and in the meantime, some 2020 presidential hopefuls might try to grab the spotlight....
Lying in State, Lying in Honor: How Capitol Hill Helps a Nation Mourn
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time

Beginning Friday, Sen. John McCain's casket will be placed at the center of the Capitol Rotunda to honor his military service and decades of work in both the House and Senate. Editor Jason Dick offers a brief explainer of the two different ways to honor notable figures on Capitol Hill....
Memories of McCain: Reporters Share Tales From a Life in Service
Reporter’s Notebook: An executive summary of Roll Call’s biggest stories, from the reporters themselves

McCain vs. Trump: Can the President Give Up the Spotlight?
Penn Ave Report: Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

In Montana, Searching for Votes in the 'Teepee Capital of the World'
At the Races: An inside analysis into 2018 House and Senate races that our political reporters — Bridget Bowman and Simone Pathé — are keeping tabs on

At the Crow Fair in Crow Agency of eastern Montana, Republican and Democratic candidates for the Senate and Montana's lone House seat attended an annual Native American gathering, hoping to gain support from a potentially crucial voting block....
3 Ways Trump and the Senate Can Stumble On Crucial Spending Bills Before Labor Day
Penn Ave Report: Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

The Senate is debating a key appropriations package this week as the chamber and President Donald Trump hurtle toward the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. White House correspondent John T. Bennett says there are potential road blocks that could stall any potential deal to keep the government funded past that date....
Hot on the Hill? Catch a Summer Break at This Hidden Capitol Gem
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time

Long before air conditioning in the 1870s, a cool, sunken oasis with a babbling fountain was built to provide a welcome respite from the notorious heat of Washington summers. Have a virtual seat in the shade and learn more about the Summerhouse — sometimes called the grotto — on the Capitol grounds....
A Brief Recap of the George Washington Gavel's Long History
Undercover Capitol takes you inside the historic workplace — one video at a time

What I Saw That You Couldn't See at the Manafort Trial, Week 2

With no audio or video recording allowed in the courtroom where Paul Manafort's trial enters its third week, reporter Griffin Connolly shares descriptions of what the transcripts couldn't convey. From Manafort's intense stare-down of his former associate who served as a witness for the prosecution, potential drama in the jury room, to the mad rush by reporters to get to a pay phone, here are the highlights from week 2....
What Midterm Election? Trump Is Already Campaigning for 2020
Penn Ave Report: Connecting Congress and the White House at the intersection of politics

President Donald Trump is attending a host of rallies to boost GOP nominees ahead of the November midterm vote. But White House correspondent John T. Bennett counts off five sure signs that Trump is already looking ahead to his own re-election battle....
Watch: Just a Few of John N. Kennedy's Greatest Kennedy-isms

The junior senator from Louisiana John N. Kennedy is known for being a talker. From the committee room to the Senate floor to the cable networks, he's sure to have a witty, odd or sometimes perplexing retort for pretty much anything that comes his way. Here are just some of his greatest hits....