Caitlin Krutsick

Opinion: To Reinvent Rural Health Care, Ditch the ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Model
Geography shouldn’t be an impediment to quality care

As policymakers grapple over how to best deliver quality, affordable health care, they cannot ignore the unique challenges faced by the 46 million Americans living in rural areas.

Not only do rural residents rank worse than their urban counterparts on many health metrics such as obesity, tobacco usage and suicides, their communities also face shortages of health care workers and geographic challenges that make it more difficult to address these concerns.

Opinion: Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Boosts Health Policy
Better integration of health and housing policy should be a bipartisan goal

Despite partisan fights continuing to play out over various pieces of the tax code, the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, or LIHTC, has enjoyed decades of strong bipartisan support. This $8 billion in annual federal funding provides incentives for investors to develop, construct and rehabilitate affordable rental housing. It has helped finance more than 3 million affordable rental units serving about 7 million low-income households since it was created in 1986.

Both the House-passed tax bill and the plan approved by the Senate Finance Committee continue LIHTC. Robust evidence links LIHTC investments to positive economic growth for communities, social and educational benefits for families and reductions in homelessness.