Bob Dole

Bob & Elizabeth Dole: 7 Ways to Practice Good Leadership and Preserve Democracy
Those who say compromise is a sign of weakness misunderstand the fundamental strength of our democracy

During more than 50 years of public service in the House, Senate, five presidential administrations and the nonprofit sector, it has been our privilege to witness the essential role good leadership and bipartisanship play in preserving our democracy.

America’s standing as the world’s only superpower and the preeminent model of a free society has always relied on our policymakers to act as servants of the public, true leaders who stand ready to make the hard decisions and live with the consequences.

Landmark U.S.-Taiwan Legislation Led to Long-Lasting Benefits | Commentary

Thursday marks the 35th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, one of the most important pieces of legislation with which I have been associated. This landmark law has contributed vitally to the security and stability of the Republic of China and continues to guide our countries’ relations.

Appropriate Care Setting Protects Medicare’s Future

As our two presidential campaigns aggressively tout their domestic policy agendas, health care providers, stakeholders and patients are collectively holding their breath regarding a problem that, without dramatic intervention, is all but certain to occur: Under current law, the Medicare Trust Fund will be insolvent by 2024.

Experts agree that the trajectory of health care spending is unsustainable. By 2021 — less than 10 years from now — health care expenditures are expected to be almost 20 percent of the gross domestic product, of which the federal government will be responsible for half. Medicare, a program that for 45 years has secured better health and financial security for older Americans, will be unable to maintain that promise for millions of seniors and Americans with disabilities.

America’s Front Yard in Desperate Need of Repair

Last summer President Bush launched an ambitious 10-year plan to restore the national parks in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016. Under the president’s leadership, the newly created Centennial Challenge promises federal matching funds totaling $100 million annually for signature projects that muster private funds. Among the top priorities in the public/private partnership was the National Mall.

We applaud the president for doing his part and including the National Mall as one of this year’s Centennial Challenge funding priorities. Lady Bird Johnson would be proud that we are working together to restore one of the most significant parks in the country — an incomparable civic, patriotic, cultural and symbolic space that inspires great pride befitting our nation’s capital.